Producer Provides Harrowing Update as Rush Limbaugh Misses Show

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh was set to miss Wednesday’s show as he continues his battle with advanced lung cancer, according to an update from his producer.Producer James Golden, known by the pseudonym Bo Snerdley, provided the information for Limbaugh’s listeners on Twitter.“Our prayers are with Rush as he continues to fight the illness he has been afflicted with,” Bo Snerdley tweeted.

Source: Producer Provides Harrowing Update as Rush Limbaugh Misses Show

Donald Trump Jr. Says Republicans Need to Fight Back or ‘They’ll Never Win Another Election’

Former President Donald Trump’s son said that conservatives need to fight back to secure election integrity, while predicting that the impeachment trial against his father would backfire for Democrats.“If the Republicans don’t get out there, if they don’t act, if they don’t come back, if they do what they do best, which is, you know, turn the other cheek, pretend they’re standing on principles, and get their butts handed to them, they’ll never win another election again,” Donald Trump Jr.. told Laura Ingraham on Tuesday. “So they better have learned from this to make sure that we actually have fairness in our elections, that we actually do things right, that they can’t be manipulated this way, or that just the notion of them and their jobs etc. won’t exist in a couple of years.”The former president’s trial in the Senate entered its second day on Wednesday. On Tuesday, six Republicans joined all Democrats in saying that the trial is constitutional, coming after Trump’s lawyers argued that it goes against the Constitution to conduct an impeachment trial of a private person who doesn’t hold office any longer.But during Tuesday’s Senate event, House impeachment managers argued that “conduct that would be a high crime and misdemeanor in your first year as president, in your second year as president, in your third year as president, and for the vast majority of your fourth year as president, you can suddenly do in your last few weeks in office without facing any constitutional accountability at all. This would create a brand new January exception to the Constitution of the United States of America.”Trump Jr. predicted that Americans will mostly reject the impeachment trial.“It’s actually, I think, showing, again, the American people how ridiculous it is, how far it’s gone,” he added. “And I think they’re actually shooting themselves in the foot because I think they’ve lost all credibility to sort of be the arbiters of truth, because no one believes them to be truthful.”He went on to say: “They just realize that they’re totally political, biased partisan hacks. And we’ve known that for a while. But they keep showing us how much worse it actually is than we could have even thought every day.”The former president’s son reiterated that Trump called on protesters to make their voices heard on Jan. 6 “peacefully” and “patriotically.”In January, House Democrats and 10 Republicans impeached trump for allegedly “inciting an insurrection,” claiming that his speech to supporters incited a group into breaking into the Capitol building while Congress was certifying the election results.It also appears that the Senate trial will not result in Trump’s conviction. Sixty-seven senators would have to vote to convict Trump and recent procedural votes related to the trial suggest there isn’t enough support.

Source: Donald Trump Jr. Says Republicans Need to Fight Back or ‘They’ll Never Win Another Election’

Election Fraud My Eye-We Just Witnessed A Coup

We needed the Republicans to stand up for our President. We could have used some Democrats with a conscience who were willing to put country before party. At this point i don’t have time for EITHER party. There were conservatives, mostly on talk radio & social media, who had a clue something nefarious was on the horizon. The Republicans went limp.

Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz objected to certifying the electors. Big deal. We all know that’s just a formality that never changes a damned thing. Pence didn’t want to rock the boat. With the Republic at stake it would have been a good time to rock the boat. He could have stood up for our country, our President, our vote. He went with the status quo. We’re expected to roll along now.

Election fraud my eye. We just witnessed a coup. Voter fraud is not uncommon. It’s usually engaged in by individuals as cited in the following report:

A Cedarburg woman was charged with election fraud after a police investigation found that she allegedly submitted an absentee ballot for her dead partner.

Cedarburg police said these are the first voter fraud charges in the city’s history. Investigators said the suspect not only confessed, she also listed herself as the voter’s witness on the ballot envelope.

The ability to vote is a constitutional right and fundamental to our democracy. One Cedarburg woman is finding out there are major consequences for even trying to cast a ballot for someone else.

“I think in this case, the temptation was just too strong,” said Cedarburg police investigator David Dudash.

Officer Dudash said Christine Daikawa admitted to filling out and submitting her spouse’s ballot well after she died in July.


More often than not, election fraud is engaged in at that level. A few here,a few there. If the perpetrators are caught they almost always receive jail time or a fine or both.Every election it is expected there will be some fraud-even though there shouldn’t be any at all-but never enough to actually change the outcome of an election. You can do a search of the internet and find similar cases in different locations. That’s election or voter fraud.

What we witnessed in 2020 was way beyond election or voter fraud. An analogy that might work would be the difference between a street thug snatching a wallet or a common criminal trying to break into a home and organized crime such as the mafia or a drug cartel. You know the difference right off the bat;no need for an explanation. You also understand that the ‘smaller’ crime is devastating to the victim of it but organized crime is devastating to a state/country at large.

What we witnessed in the 2020 election was the Mafia. It was an orchestrated coup that began in 2015 & culminated in 2020 when a cabal of actors decided that the duly elected legit President Donald J. Trump had to be removed from office come hell or high water. Now that their coup is successful they are trying to [again]ILLEGALLY prevent him from ever holding office again. They got him removed and now they want him totally exiled. Of course they do. He knows where the bodies are buried now.

You watched it happen with your own 2 eyes but state run propaganda would have you believe it was a conspiracy theory. Like all criminals they had a fatal flaw; they decided to brag about it. Why would they do anything that stupid after finally being successful? They are trying to control the narrative through the same state run propaganda. They know you saw it,they know they are eventually going to be caught,they know it may not stay hidden forever and they definitely know Joe Biden lost. It’s too obvious. They went public not just to brag-though it appears that way-but to call it something other than a coup. They expect us to believe it was to save democracy. They didn’t like our choice,Donald Trump and he won in a landslide. It was a coup. PERIOD.

YouTube Demonetized Our Channel—Help Defend Independent News

Recently, YouTube demonetized The Epoch Times’ account without prior warning or a specific explanation as to why.This is not the first time we were targeted by a major tech company. Facebook previously blocked our ability to advertise our newspaper subscriptions on the platform.And instead of defending press freedom, other media organizations, such as The New York Times and NBC News, have spent considerable time and resources in an effort to attack The Epoch Times.When the founders of The Epoch Times—Chinese Americans who had fled communist China—created our news organization more than 20 years ago, they never expected the widespread censorship we are currently witnessing.

For more than 20 years, the world’s largest regime, headed by the Chinese Communist Party, has done everything in its power to shut us down. It has arrested and imprisoned our reporters and editors in China, intimidated our staff in the United States, tried to block our advertising, and launched incessant cyber-attacks against us. In November 2019, masked intruders set fire to one of our printing presses in Hong Kong.Yet, despite all this, The Epoch Times has grown significantly in recent years while the overall print industry has been declining.

Every week, we receive hundreds of messages from readers encouraging us. It makes us more determined to serve our readers with our motto “Truth and Tradition.”We truly believe in freedom of the press and the importance of the press as a cornerstone for a free society and as the key for our Republic to flourish.That’s why we don’t look away when others do. And that’s why you can count on us to cover the topics that matter.But we need your help. With fewer opportunities to promote our content on big tech platforms, we rely on readers like you to make what we do possible.

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President Donald Trump Releases New Statement on Sham Senate Impeachment Trial – Big League Politics

President Donald Trump released a statement on the US Senate’s sham impeachment trial on Monday. The Senate is slated to move forward with the partisan hit job against the 45th President this week.

Source: President Donald Trump Releases New Statement on Sham Senate Impeachment Trial – Big League Politics