Priests for Life National Director Says Pro-Life Gains Can’t Be Undone by Policy

In 1994, a young woman went to get an abortion, but when she looked out the window of the facility, she saw a priest. She decided to go outside to talk to the praying man.“And she changed her mind. I ended up helping her baptize her baby, and now, all these years later she’s still in touch with me, and that baby that we saved that day ended up having a baby of her own,” said Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life.People in the pro-life movement tend to have stories like this—but they know most of the lives they’ve saved they’ll never meet.When Pavone first heard about the March for Life in Washington, D.C., he was still in high school. He attended the third annual event in 1976, before he knew anyone who had an abortion or what abortion was all about. But as he got involved over the years, and after he became a priest, he felt a “call within a call,” and got permission from the Church to dedicate himself to pro-life advocacy.After all, the founder of the abortion industry, Bernard Nathanson, who later became pro-life himself, had said that if all the clergy across the nation had stood up against abortion, the effort to normalize abortion never would have taken hold. Instead, the pro-life movement was framed as negative or shaming, or a little weird, and that image took hold in the mainstream.But over the years, people have come to see it for what it really is, Pavone said

.“We are looking to help the people who are pregnant and afraid; they are in so much desolation and despair they want to go have their children aborted … it’s a terrible thing that they just feel they have no choice,”

Pavone said.

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