Joe Biden is NOT the U.S. President. Pass Along to @CNN @msnbc @ABC @CBS @NBC @nytimes @washingtonpost @Jim_Jordan @mattgaetz @devinnunes & tweet to @JoeBiden pls

I can’t think of a better way to say it than the title,Joe Biden is NOT the U.S. President.

Why beat around the bush or mince words? We may as well say it in plain English. There will be people and probably plenty of them who will respond by saying this is delusional or i’m a conspiracy theorist. They might even suggest that i must be a member of Q Anon. i’m sure they will they will at least think i’m a right winger or extremist.Fat chance. No interest. My grandfather was a vet of WWI and my dad a veteran of WWII. In fact he and my mother were both lifelong Democrats.They were model citizens and expected their kids to be model citizens.

I have run into people who support Trump who are part of Q Anon. i won’t go into what i personally think about this group;suffice it to say they are Trump supporters so we have that in common but anything else they believe is up to them. i won’t put them down but i’m definitely not signing up for it either. It’s their business. They’re free to belong to the group. i’m definitely not a militant in the sense i am going to attack persons or private property and violate our laws. Mob rule is dangerous and counter productive. We’ve been blessed to live in a country that PROTECTS freedom of assembly and speech as well as the right to keep and bear arms. Let’s not abuse it. On the other hand let’s make sure our government continues to protect our freedoms and rights. It’s THEIR first responsibility. We have an agreement. We don’t abuse our rights; the government doesn’t abuse us.

We get to vote once every 4 yrs to decide who we are going to give this responsibility to. Our legislative bodies determine the rules that will govern our elections. The idea is that the states will follow the Constitution and our elections will be free and fair. What happens when a powerful group decides they don’t like the candidate chosen by a particular party [through its own primary] and that candidate has to be stopped? What happens if that powerful group includes our own institutions such as the FBI,DOJ, State Department, President and Vice President,media and opposition in the party the candidate belongs to? What happens if the media decides it’s ok to gaslight the public into believing the candidate is an agent of a foreign adversary such as Russia? Worse,what happens if that candidate is elected President and the media conspires with the agencies of our government to do whatever it takes to get him removed from office?

You do know what that is called,right? It’s not just a really bad idea. It’s not just a lie. It’s called a coup and if the group wants power that badly they were willing to do this to a sitting President, our own country and its citizens there is something wrong with them. They certainly can’t be trusted with having power.They will definitely abuse it.

In fact, these people would be willing to do anything to get power including rigging an election and supporting a candidate who was not legitimately elected. They’re willing to try and pull off a coup. They’re not going to think twice about rigging an election. Is the U.S. media going to expose them? The U.S. media conspired with them to perpetuate the Russia Hoax against Pres Trump with the same goal in mind.

Joe Biden is not the President of the United States. You watched the same coverage i did where Pres Trump was winning in a landslide and by God if Biden didn’t get the votes he needed in 4 critical states to overcome a massive lead. When you look at those states you see that they violated the Constitution when they made up their own rules outside the legislative branch. Remember when Hillary Clinton told Biden not to concede under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES? It’s one thing to tell a candidate not to concede if the election is questionable; it’s another to tell them not to concede under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

When you violate the Constitution in a critical state to rig the election for the candidate you want that makes the election illegitimate. PERIOD. Don’t forget these are the same people who tried to pull off a coup in the United States. When the coup failed they had to go another route and that route was through the upcoming election. They had to be reasonably sure they wouldn’t fail this time. A rigged election was their best chance. Would they do that? You mean to tell me a group willing to try to pull off a coup wouldn’t?

So what could have been done to stop them? Pres Trump did everything he could legitimately do to put a stop to it. It was really up to the Republicans in Congress to put a stop to it. They had to know the kind of people they were dealing with including how corrupt Biden was and what would happen if he were ILLEGITIMATELY put into office. if i had been Trump’s VP on Jan 6 i would have done whatever was necessary to stop it. I don’t mean violence here. i don’t mean terrorism here. I leave those kind of tactics to anarchists like Antifa or marxists like BLM. I feel too grateful to live in a country like ours to ever consider going that route. Pence and the Republicans could have stood up against the tyranny right then and there, refused to certify, let it go back to the respective states to be corrected or let their decision be forced into the Supreme Court.

We know Biden didn’t win. They know very well Biden didn’t win and that’s exactly why they’re are silencing anyone who questions the legitimacy of the election. Their actions are not the actions of people who have won a legitimate election.

Biden is NOT the President of the United States. Trump won.

Last question: is the media EVER going to inform the public about Spygate,investigate and reveal the Russia Collusion lie in its entirety?