The GOP Jumped the Shark. They’re Done.

The GOP House of Representatives took a SECRET ballot to decide the future of Liz Cheney[ This is exactly the kind of thing the Democrats do]. They obviously didn’t want to be held accountable by their constituents which begs the question; why are they even called REPRESENTATIVES. We’ve been patient with the Republican party for good reason .They do oppose the Democrat party or at least they’re supposed to. They do have some warriors among them. We have to have a bulwark against the Biden administration. Trump is still the leader of the party-without him they’re done for. However, this secret ballot gets added into the column of grievances we’ve had against the establishment GOP. It wasn’t bad enough they voted for Cheney. Worse-in fact the last straw-was that they did it in secret. I called the office of our State Rep today requesting that he go on the record. He’s a good guy, a strong Trump supporter all along, so i could assume he voted NO on Cheney but i’d still like to see him go on the record. His office told me he would be issuing a press release. I am watching my email for that.

Our patience has run out.

You can read about the vote here:

This is not an endorsement of the Biden admin or an expression of allegiance to the Democrat party either. No, I am not switching parties. In fact it’s high time for a NEW party. The GOP could have pulled their act together under Trump. They didn’t. The going gets rough and away they go-every time. Support of Trump would have been their one saving grace. They had their shot when he was first elected but they blew it and with this secret vote they jumped the shark. Whose idea was that?

Is there any way to contact Eric Trump and let our feelings be known to his father,our President? i’m telling you either we start a new party and turn out the vote or people are going to stay home. There’s no point in beating people over the head either. At this point nobody is going to listen. They’ve had it.

One final note: Cheney got the vote in the House. She is NOT going to get the vote from the folks.