Rep. Gaetz Says He’d Resign Seat If Asked to Defend Trump at Trial

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), an outspoken ally of former President Donald Trump, said he would give up his House seat if he was asked to defend Trump at the impeachment trial, which is slated to begin next week.In a Feb. 3 interview on the “War Room” podcast, Gaetz said some House colleagues had discussed whether they could represent Trump during the trial. They were told by the House Committee on Ethics that they couldn’t do so as sitting members of the House, he said.Gaetz took issue with the current strategy employed by Trump’s legal team and said he would “absolutely” resign if called upon.“I love my district … but I view this cancellation of the Trump presidency and the Trump movement as one of the major risks to my people, both in my district and all throughout this great country,” he said.

“If the president called me and wanted me to go defend him on the floor of the Senate, that would be the top priority in my life.“I would leave my House seat, I would leave my home.”


Gaetz said he would take the opportunity to ensure that Trump got “a full-throated defense that wasn’t crouched down, that wasn’t in fear of losing some moderate Republican senator.”Trump so far “has gotten a low-energy defense,” he said.

Source: Rep. Gaetz Says He’d Resign Seat If Asked to Defend Trump at Trial