Mittens Has A Message.@MittRomney @SenatorRomney Feel Free To Read My Response

 have you gone out publicly and said that there was not widespread voter fraud and that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States? 

Senator Romney,

I am writing this with all due respect because your admonishment of your fellow Republicans warrants a response from the rank and file.

Know what that means Sen Romney? It means that the governor of state,the attorney general of that state and the courts CANNOT make up their own rules. It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They violated the law. Bottom line; giving Biden the electoral votes in states that violated the law makes those electoral votes ILLEGITIMATE. They went around the state legislators.The 4 states in question are: Pennsylvania,Georgia,Michigan and Wisconsin.

When you made your pronouncement i believe it was said because you are calling for unity.I would agree with you that the country is horribly divided but i could never agree with you that the 2020 election was the defining issue. The country was divided long before Trump ran for office. The 2016 election of Trump was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. (More on that another day).

However, you have a lack of understanding. What the Democrats see as unity and what the Trump supporters see as unity are 2 different things. You would have to ask the Democrats how they define unity. When you go to the Democrats and expect compromise they take it to mean you will capitulate to their demands.It seems to me they see unity as you will submit to their agenda then we’ll all get along just fine.

i can tell you right now we have no interest in unifying with communists/marxists. As for making a public statement re Biden as the legit President i have one public statement. POUND SAND. What on earth is that anyway? Some kind of loyalty oath? Besides, i do recall they called Trump a Russian agent. They weren’t killing themselves to call Trump our President.

Sorry pal,but i have too much respect for our Constitution to recognize an illegitimate election. You took an oath to protect and defend it when you were sworn into office. There were 4 states that broke the law. They ignored the Constitution. Those states just happened to be critical to the election. Pennsylvania,Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin ALL violated the Constitution and there’s only 1 reason they would have done that; rob Trump of the election. Why would you break the law unless you had a nefarious plan in mind?

What does the Constitution say about election law? Again,because it bears repeating.

[t]he Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof;

NOT the governor,the state attorney general,the courts or anyone else-the LEGISLATURE. You go around the legislature you’re violating the Constitution and breaking the law. It means the electoral votes in that state are ILLEGITIMATE. Period. End of story Mitt.

Now look at what the Democrats are trying to get passed re elections. Surprised? Not me.

If rigging the election worked once for them why not go for it again? There’s only 1 reason they usurped the election laws in 2020-to make cheating easier. They’ve got it down pat now.Why not make it legal for future elections?

You don’t think they would do that? Aren’t these the very same people who pushed the Russia collusion lie for 3 yrs, committed FELONIES, weaponized the FBI,DOJ and State Deptartments and when that failed to get Trump out of office [they] tried to get him impeached.They were even going to try to use the 25th amendment.

It all begs the question,what WOULDN’T they do to get Trump out of office?

I don’t think the Dems were alone in their efforts either. There were Republicans who wanted him out and to this day wouldn’t care if he ever ran again. i’m even suspicious of some of the Republicans who stood up for him at the last second. You can’t tell me they aren’t eyeing the 2024 election themselves. Politicians have a unique mind set,but you wouldn’t know anything about that,right Mitt?

As a side note here, i want to disclose that i voted for you when you ran against Obama. In the end i defended you as much as i started out thinking i would have to plug my nose to vote for you.Don’t feel too bad though because i had to plug my nose when i voted for McCain. Neither of you were my first choice.It would have taken one heck of a candidate to beat Obama. You and McCain (obviously) weren’t it. The truth is simple; Rino’s can’t beat Democrats . They’re like two sides of the same coin.Why bother when there’s no real difference?

i honestly felt terrible when you made your concession speech. It was so humble and gracious i gained a lot of respect for you that night. However, you threw that respect out the window soon enough. After what you did to Trump i regretted that i didn’t just stay home rather than vote for you. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get back on topic.

If you really believe they didn’t cheat and Biden honestly won the election [ Trump actually had a landslide]you’re either very gullible or on their side. Ever watch the results come back on an election night where the count suddenly and simultaneously shuts down in the most critical states? My eyes work Mitt and i may be no genius, but i do know when things don’t add up. I also know the Dems were getting the narrative started long before the night of the election. They let us know they were up to something. When somebody tells me what they are going to do, i tend to believe them. Take them at their word Mitt.

In short Mitt, the only response i have to your call is pound sand. He didn’t win and nobody has proven to me he did when there’s plenty of reason to conclude he didn’t. You can pound sand. The Dems can pound sand. Weak kneed Republicans can pound sand. Biden can definitely pound sand.When and IF it’s proven to me Biden legitimately won the election i will acknowledge that he is the duly elected President of the United States.No problem. I did with Obama. I did with Bill Clinton and at one point in my life i was a Democrat.As for unifying with the Biden agenda, that is a totally different matter.