The Media Cult

Our U.S. media has become a cult. The days of Cronkite and Brinkley have gone. It didn’t happen suddenly. They’ve built their cult over time,from CNN to Fox News and every cable news network in between, backed by corporate money. The only outlet that somewhat broke this stranglehold was the social media platforms; and then some of them became part of the cult backed by more big money. Yep, money talks. What the cult fears most is the public waking up to them in huge numbers. There’s power in money but they know there is power in numbers too and that we have.

The cult comes into people’s home on a daily basis. This cult can pump propaganda 24/7. They can convince the masses that what what they report is reality. If the cult says it’s true, then you must believe what they’re saying is true. As with all cults these leaders in the media stay on the same page even when their narrative conflicts with what your 2 eyes are seeing. Their goal is to get you to see it their way no matter what you are actually seeing and they can do that by sheer repetition . For a perfect example take the word collusion. Tell me it’s not part of our lexicon now.

For repetition to be noticeable, the words or phrases should be repeated within close proximity of each other.

The cult is shrewd. They may be dishonest but they’re not stupid. Unless someone runs the sound bytes back to back people probably aren’t catching the repetitive words/phrases. I would posit that people are starting to catch it themselves.

The cult attacks the outside world claiming themselves as the ones who are under siege. They push the idea that people are out to get them so those are the people that should be feared. Unfortunately they are connected to people with power, money and influence who are willing to back them. Most cults have not had the reach of the media cult or that kind of backing but then most cults do not have the platform the media has to brainwash large swaths of the population either. All they have to do is take a message ,add what appears to be a smidgen of truth and people will take the whole message as truth. It works very well. All of this makes the cult of media particularly dangerous; more so than most. The Russia collusion hoax was the perfect example of that type of propaganda. By the time it was debunked part of the population was thoroughly brainwashed into believing it was true and wouldn’t give it up no matter how much evidence was revealed. So much time had passed from the first time the Russia collusion allegation was brought up to the time it was revealed as a hoax, they could claim it was old news and the consciousness of the public had probably moved on. At least that’s what they hoped for.

You be the judge if it worked.

What does it take to snap people out of their hold? Alternative platforms is a good start but then you have to bc concerned about censorship by those who support the cult. An alternative platform has to be able to get around the censorship and attract enough people to disseminate information to the general public. As with any cult it helps to expose the cult leader/leaders for what they are. Some of these cult figures in the media have a large loyal following that are not going to be easily shaken.

It’s why I promote the Epoch Times. It’s straight up news coverage with actual investigations. It’s not well known yet but word of mouth can be very effective. The media cult has a bigger voice and a bigger platform. Lately though, it depends more and more on click bait ,sensationalism &gossip/rumors. The Epoch Times has their high standards and quality. A subscription doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.


“Talking is always the first step to convincing someone to leave a cult and the media cult is no exception. But sometimes, the cultist is too well indoctrinated to really hear anything an outsider has to say, and other times there’s no opportunity to talk at all.”

You’re not going to get some of these people to consider other sources like the Epoch Times no matter how good it is but it at least gives people the opportunity to hear a reliable outside voice.

” In the mildest cases, a member who leaves may be “disowned” by the cult…”


I’ve seen this happen to people who walk away and lose contact with other cult members who have been their group of peers for a very long time. The cult may even inflict personal damage on them; the threat of having your life destroyed is a powerful incentive not to leave. Some media cult members don’t even see that coming until it actually happens to them.

I’m sure some of the people reading my blog have heard of Mark Dice. Nobody takes on the powerful media cult like Dice but he takes another route by exposing the leaders themselves through humor/satire. He even wrote a whole book on the topic. Mark uses the cult’s own Saul Alinsky tactic by turning it around on them. There are several but this is the one Dice uses most effectively- “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”.