I Would Have Hoped for Biden’s Success IF

  1. He was really the devout Catholic they claim he is and adhered to the teaching a devout Catholic is OBLIGATED to accept. Biden is pro abortion. No devout Catholic is pro abortion. Sorry. I know better.
  2. the media treated Trump fairly. i wouldn’t have wanted them to treat Trump like they do Biden; slobbering all over him. All i hoped for was FAIR treatment and honest reporting. They couldn’t do it. They’re liars. If they had been fair it would have gone a long ways in helping us support Biden.
  3. Biden actually won this election it
  4. would be a whole different story. The Dems cheated and the Supreme Court couldn’t be bothered to uphold the Constitution.
  5. . He was in office 47 years. All he knows is politics. Nothing else. i can’t name one policy he was associated with that helped the American people. NOT ONE. He sold his country out to China. He has the chance to enact good policy but he won’t. He’s a rubber stamp for the Dem’s socialist agenda. The Dems and Republicans that are owned by China will reveal themselves throughout his term. We already see who the backstabbers are. They will be ‘primaried’.
  6. Join us at the Patriot Party. We’re serious about getting a new party off the ground and ready for 2022 and 2024. https://theratzpack.wixsite.com/patriotparty/forum not to worry if we get the boot-though i doubt it-there is a back up plan ready to go. Wix has never been a problem to date and i have faith it will continue to be that way.
  7. Pray for our country. We can hope he won’t do too much damage in the next 4 yrs. It’s a shame the Supreme Court didn’t look at the case for Trump but we have to do what we can with what we have for now