Are You Convinced Yet That They Didn’t Steal The Election For Biden?

Let’s take a look at what’s happened so far. Twitter de-platformed the real Donald Trump account as well as his official government account under POTUS. They put disclaimers on any tweet that called the election into question. Twitter suspended some of us from the President down. i was one of them. Facebook pulled pages that supported Trump. Mark Levin got so disgusted with Facebook interfering with his page he left for Parler. In the next step the techs took down Parler. Maybe we’ll have to resort to carrier pigeon soon. The Democrats/media didn’t cheat for Biden but their move is to censor anyone who claims they did? Nothing suspicious about that. If they were innocent and he actually won why such a coordinated heavy handed effort to crush anyone who disputes his win? Even the hashtag #stopthesteal got you censored. If they didn’t, why worry? Weird isn’t it? They would never cheat to win an election. The Obama/Biden admin spied on a presidential candidate and president, broke the law, used intel agencies, lied directly to the American people for 3 yrs and set up a fake investigation to nail Trump when they knew all along it was fake; but no they wouldn’t do whatever it would take, even ILLEGALLY, to win an election.

Let’s not forget he media suppressed the story re the Hunter Biden laptop but pushed the Russia Hoax every single day saying they had ‘evidence.’ They’re real trustworthy.

I’m old enough to remember when they said Trump was a fascist, authoritarian dictator comparable to Hitler most of the time, Stalin some of the time and a puppet of Putin for at least 3 yrs. I read the vile tweets they used to send to Trump on Twitter. The hashtags attacking Trump were trending every single day while he was in office. We know how the media treated him, the First Lady and his family. I don’t have to tell you. You know and trust me, they know too. If Trump were all those things they said he was he would have done exactly what they’re doing now.Those ppl don’t understand it.He never once had them censored.He defended the Constitutional rights of the American ppl.

Remember that-everything they(the Dems,media included) allege you’re doing is what they ARE doing. Might that include a coup?

We’re going to talk about that coup in the near future. Meanwhile, maybe the Democrats in Oregon better work at getting the real domestic terrorists [in their cities] under control. i doubt asking Antifa to quit is going to have much of an affect. They’re anarchists people, willing to resort to violence. It’s one of their tactics. It’s not a one off. I can assure you their goal is not to defend the Republic. Several of my earlier blog entries had a warning to the Dems who either supported Antifa or took a hands off approach, that they would eventually turn on them too.