An Impeachment of a Person Who Is No Longer in Office? How Totally Stupid Are They? How About Us-the American People?

The Constitution provides for the impeachment of a SITTING Pres. Period. i’m no constitutional scholar but i know that much and most of the American ppl do too. Aren’t most of the people in Congress lawyers? They don’t know this? Such an act would clearly be unconstitutional.

What about those stimulus checks PELOSI held up because of her own personal problems with Trump?

Someone pls tell Nancy we don’t really care what her personal problems are. She can work those out on her own. Not our problem she’s that sick. We needed help out here. Now they want to waste more time on this crap?

Mark Levin has this right too. IF the spineless worms in the Republican party are weak enough to go along with anything this stupid they can really put the nail in the coffin of the GOP. I would argue that it’s already there and the nail was pounded by McConnell when he stabbed Trump in the back publicly. Of course he was doing it to Trump all along. He was just more subtle about it. Why is he still a leader anyway? He doesn’t look out for the American people anymore than the Democrats do. He and McCarthy have no idea what real leadership is. A warrior like Jim Jordan would do a far better job.

We have some really stupid people in Congress. An impeachment of a President who has left office is about as stupid as it gets.