Trump Won but what can you do when you hit a brick wall?

Mark Levin is right. The actions of officials in the critical states that supposedly went to Biden were unconstitutional. Trumps legal team was intent at looking at voter fraud in different cities. It was compelling. Rudy Giuliani & Jenna Ellis went before various legislative bodies in the critical states to make the case that the fraud was massive enough to swing the election. Texas brought a lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to the Supreme Court for their election procedures and were denied standing. The Supreme Court simply did not want to get involved.

As of December 11, 2020, all 50 states and the District of Columbia had certified their 2020 general election results.


The reason Levin is right is because the Constitution is clear. Only the legislative body is to determine election laws that govern how an election is conducted. People outside that body, regardless of their offices/title do not get to determine election law, change it ,suspend it or abolish it. You have to wonder why they would violate the Constitution. What purpose would that serve? There’s only one reason; make it even easier to cheat. The Democrats were saying right along we might not have a clear winner on election night and it could drag out for days if not weeks. They were basically admitting something was up. It sounded reasonable but smelled fishy.

Biden never campaigned. At best he might have had 20 ppl at one of his rallies. It wouldn’t surprise me if half of those were reporters. He was rarely in public, seldom did pressers or take questions. Ok, how many viewers did he have for his inauguration? A man with 80 million votes should have more than a few views right?

President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris jointly held the first inaugural event on the former’s YouTube channel. The description of the video said, “Tune in as we celebrate America, reflect and honor our history, and highlight the incredible diversity of the nation.” And people did log in to be a part of the event, however, it was not the kind of crowd that Biden or any other president would be expecting. Biden’s YouTube channel has a total of 691K subscribers but if people on Twitter are to be believed there are just a couple of thousand people who tuned in to watch it live. At the moment (7 am ET and 4 am PST, Sunday), the video has managed to garner just 32,261 views. 

On the other hand, President Donald Trump is scheduled to move out of the office to make way for Biden’s administration but his address at the “Trump Wall” in Alamo, Texas drew close to a million views on January 13. The video on The White House’s official YouTube channel has 735,984 views. A Gateway Pundit report​ also stated that close to 804,000 people tuned in to watch Trump on Right Side Broadcasting Network live.

Joe Biden held a virtual event today on YouTube. A little over 1,000 people watched it.


Where were they 81 million people who voted for him?

Truth is they’re non existent. Nov 3,2020 the counting stopped in 4 critical states. The aforementioned Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia. Simultaneously. The count in Georgia stopped due to a main water break that night, according to the news reports. Days after, the report was deemed inaccurate. It didn’t happen. The stopped count was a first for an election. Have you ever seen anything like it? I posit that they weren’t expecting the Trump landslide and scrambled to get the votes Biden needed to win in those 4 critical states. When we went to bed Trump was so far ahead it wasn’t funny. Eventually they had the votes they needed for Biden to win those last critical states.

Georgia had it caught on camera. The votes came from cities/counties controlled by Democrats where they knew they could get away with it. They already had plans to pad Biden’s vote. They only had to wait and see by how much. What they didn’t expect was the huge Trump win. Keep in mind Georgia sent all but 4-5 people home claiming counting had stopped(surveillance video showed otherwise), while in Philadelphia they ILLEGALLY shut out Republican poll watchers.

i have never seen votes in ANY election stop, until the election of Nov 3,2020.The same night the polls closed in California the vote was counted for Biden. This is how it is supposed to work. Meanwhile the 4 states in question were still up in the air. California has the most electoral votes because it has one of the largest populations. Definitely larger than any of the states that couldn’t call their vote.

I’ve said all along a party that was so desperate to keep Trump from winning the 2016 race that they weaponized our intel agencies and committed felonies wouldn’t think twice about cheating. Then they were so desperate to get him out of office after he won that they were willing to call up a special counsel[Mueller investigation] over what they knew to be a hoax. By 2020 they would be willing to do anything keep him from winning again in 2020. I’ve kept saying it begs the question, what WOULDN’T they do?

They picked Biden as their candidate not because he was the best candidate. They didn’t even think he was during their own primary. They picked him because he was the most corrupt and wouldn’t have a problem with cheating to win. He was the most corrupt candidate, making him the perfect candidate.

Now look at what they’re doing and you tell me they weren’t capable of cheating in 2020. They’re trying to impeach Trump a 2nd time-after he’s left office of all things- and OPENLY admit they’re doing it to stop him from running again. Watch everything they do even now and you’ll see why i say it begs the question; what WOULDN’T they do for power?

The tech companies, media and the Dem party are silencing any questions regarding the 2020 election. If there’s no problem why would they bother? Why not just go with, nothing to see here?

The Trump legal team had nowhere to go once the Supreme Court declined to hear their case. They did their best when they went to the State Legislators but unless those people were willing to stand up and enforce their own laws it was futile. Could Trump have declared martial law in those states and insisted the vote be done over? Don’t know but the consequences for going that route would be enormous. Maybe Trump did consider it and didn’t think it would be a good decision. i’m 100% certain Trump looked at every legal way possible-a Supreme Court ruling would have been the best outcome. The Supreme Court was wrong to decline. He fought like hell to the very end until there just weren’t any options left and as you would expect from Trump, obeyed the law. Sometimes it’s best to live to fight another day,right?

Side Note: i’ve been suspended from Twitter. They didn’t say why either but i’m supposed to be able to appeal their decision; of course i can’t know what to appeal because they they won’t tell me what they think i did [other than the general response of violated TOS they give everyone]Truth is i don’t think they liked my new name. I honestly couldn’t think of a thing i did to violate their TOS. i never advocated for violence[ever],threatened anyone and the day i was suspended i was hardly sending out any tweets. In fact i was on that morning, nothing out of the ordinary going on & by the time i got back the suspension was in place. They keep sending me a case no each time i send them a reply. Their responses are automated. i highly doubt they even read their appeals.

BTW the offending new name was Trump2024. Pelosi’s Nightmare. Our Dream Come True. Maybe that did it?

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