Am I Angry? Darned right i’m angry. you have no idea how it infuriates me to know Trump was falsely accused of everything under the sun and then ROBBED of an election he actually won. Biden can kiss my royal ass-he’s not our President.

I’m not questioning the result of the 2020 election. Don’t have to.I already know the answer. Trump won in a landslide.

Trump was called a fascist-by fascists.

Trump was called an agent of Russia for nearly his whole first term when it was a lie perpetrated by the people in our own government including Joe Biden-people owned by China. Eric Swalwell was exposed for literally being in bed with China. He was sleeping with a Chinese spy while he was on the intel committee. Is he still in Congress? Has he been censured? Investigated? NOTHING. Tells you all you need to know.

Trump was accused of stealing an election by people who actually plotted to steal the 2020 election from him if they had to.Ttump was duly elected by 70+ million of the American people.

Trump was accused of inciting a riot and even leading an insurrection when his only crime was love of his country and the people who elected him.

Trump was spied on,set up and falsely accused by bad actors in the intel community who were more loyal to their party than their country. Biden was part of the cabal.

Trump was called a traitor and treasonous by the very people who were trying to either pull off a coup or convince him to resign. The truth is that everything they accused him of doing is what THEY were ACTUALLY doing.Keep an eye on them now. They will continue to smear him even as he’s left office. Just remember that whatever they’re alledging he’s done-they’ve either done already,ARE doing,or are GOING TO DO!

The media is no better than Pravda,in fact they’re worse because they are not co-erced with threat of imprisonement or firing squad for not towing the party line in a country that protects freedom of the press. They’re abusing the very power that gives them the right to report the truth.Yet,they’re not reporting the truth. They’ve been lying to the American people for years but really took it over the top so they could destroy a legitimiately elected President.

Now we have a so called President who is President in name only-he didn’t win and he knows it. Biden is as dumb as they come but he’s corrupt as hell and that made him the perfect candidate. He would let them go so far as to violate the Constitution of the United State and not bat an eye.

We’re not watching this trash get up in front of the world and finalize their coup. Any Republican,especially those who chose to kiss Biden’s ass and snubbed our great President as he departs-is going to be primaried. You lay with the dogs you get fleas. They’ve laid down with them so many times they’re loaded with fleas.

We’re done. You had the chance to stand up for us while Trump was President. The worst of the bunch was the people with the most power-McConnell and Pelosi.

i don’t believe in violence. Never have. We honored the Civil Rights Leader Rev Martin Luther King Jr the other day. He knew that violence never acheived the change desired. He died from a violent act. In face his intiution told him that was likely to happen. He knew the forces that had allied against him. He didn’t have to read the tea leaves.He acheived great things for our country by courageous acts of civil disobedience. Courageous acts,not violence,always bring about lasting change. That’s where i’m at; CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. It’s also time for a new party.

You are welcome to join us as we prepare for 2022 and 2024. The time is NOW.