Will Someone Pls Tell @JoeBiden We’re Not Going to His Inauguration.Couldn’t Pay Us to Go.

we’re not even going to watch on television let alone go all the way to DC for this. He’s going to have his 80 million* supporters watching himπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so he doesn’t need us anyway. The security they have in DC right now is whacked. Overkill. Just have him take the oath of office and be done with it.Where’s the big celebration?

A never Trumper calls into Rush. No, we are not going to separate outselves from Trump. No,Trump did not lose the election in Georgia. No,Biden did not win the election. He told Rusht the Republicans need to unify. That sounds like one of the Democrats talking points now,but it wasn’t exactly their position when Trump was President. The Never Trumpers were like that too.They had no interest in unifying and get behind the man we elected. Those same Republicans were always a bunch of wimps who could never stand up for themselves let alone our President. Unfortunately the dude that called in doesn’t realize Trump was the one person between us and the deep state. i’ve got news for this caller(probably a Democrat posing as a Republican); a lot of the Republicans who were elected to Congress rode Trumps’ coat tails in. Trump helped win more House seas and held the Senate. The only seats that hurt losing were the 2 in Georgia. They were very consequential We lost those 2 races for several reasons. Trump was not one of them. The candidaes themselves were a problem. They weren’t the best we could get. Thank “Turtle for that one. McConnell always backs the wrong people.

*highly suspect number