Two More Republicans to Primary,McConnell and McCarthy. Pence’s Future in Politics is Probably Over Too. Pres Trump’s Final DC Address

We’re done with these spineless worms. The GOP is dead. They continue to roll over for the Democrats and liberals. They failed to stand up for the one person that brought more people to their own party than any candidate they ever had. You know why the Republicans lost Georgia? McConnell should have looked in the mirror. You could also blame the Republican party for propping up the worst candidates. Thank McConnell for that one too.

Biden did not win the election. We all know that. They know it. Don’t tell me they don’t know this is the biggest fraud ever forced upon the American people.Now these liars and cheats expect us to bend to their will. I hope Trump runs again in 2024-I will definitely be there for him. I only hope there will be a country left to save when these pieces of work get done with it. Congratulations Pres Trump on an election we all know you won.You will be more powerful now than ever. Always my President! MAGA doesn’t end anytime soon.

Welcome to join us at the Patriot Party Forum as we move forward to start our own party and leave the DC uniparty in the dust!

Yes,it will be our party and the party of Trump. Biden and McConnell can lead their own failed party of the past bought and paid for by China and every donor who they are beholden to. We’re done.