Nobody Gives a Hoot About the Biden Inauguration. I have 2 questions. why would any Republican attend? what’s with the battle zone for an event with a no show crowd?

Biden is an evil little man who is going to run rough shod over any oppositon. Why are you Republicans attending his inauguration? He’s in bed with China,he didn’t really win the election, 4 of the states who certified his electors violated the U.S, Constitution, he was a willing particpant in the coup against Trump,targeted General Flynn and conspired against a prosecutor in Ukraine to protect his son Hunter.The Democrats treated Trump like crap. You’re taking the moral high ground? Here’s a thought for your consideration;how about standing up for the American people? Maybe the VP feels some obligation to turn up but there’s no reason anyone else needs kiss this guys butt.

I’m tellling you there is no way on earth Biden won the election. If you disagree then you insist we take a closer look at the 4 states in question just like i’ve been doing. Now for the people who actually did vote for Biden here’s what we’re in for right off the bat. That sucking sound of our money going out to other countries is our entering the Paris Accord that Trump rejected.

When all the low wage jobs taken by illegals drives down your wages not to worry Biden is going to mandate the 15.00 per hr minimum wage. Unfortuantely the genius isn’t taking into consideration businesses that can’t afford it-especially since the pademic-will just let peoople go. Nobody likes to do that to their own employees but sometimes there’s no choice.

The Keystone Pipeline-kiss that goodbye. Give Biden a couple years the energy independence we acheived uner Trump and that will be gone.

Forget Sanctuary Cities-he’s going to grant amesty and those thundering feet heading for the border are coming to take advantage of Biden’s amnesty.

You can hope they wll pass the stimulus checks that Pelosi blocked because she didn’t want Trump to get credit in an electtion year but don’t hold your breathe. They have to work on[ supposedly] impeaching Trump once he becomes a private citizen. Yes, it’s stupid and no,they can’t do that but that won’t stop them from wasting time and money while they ignore the American people. Biden is probably stupid enough to go along. He’s only been in politics 47+ years of his life.

The Republicans should grown a spine and skip the inaguration. Bunch of wimps. The Democrats didn’t have a problem doing it to Trump. Now we have this socialist being inagurated and they’re afraid of making a poor impression. Roll on Republicans.Keep taking the high moral ground because you think it makes you look good. It doesn’t do squat. It makes you look weak. Is asking you stand up for us too much to ask? You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to attend this inaguration. Seriously. I’m not just saying it-i mean it.

In case anyone thinks i’m advocating for an insurrection ,sedition or treason against our govenrment pound sand. I haven’t joined any resistance movement partly because there isn’t one to join. I don’t believe violence is going to help the country. It didn’t help when they let Antifa and BLM burn our cities down,loot businesses,vandalize property and attack innocent bystanders. They didn’t acheive anything beneficial for the country. Violence is certainly not going to get Biden out of office.Biden is not my president and i’m free to say that. It doesn’t make me a violent radical. Hello people,not my mo. Never has been,never will be.

Personally,I believe Biden will do himself in. He doesn’t have the brains to come in out of the rain and the Dems are so vindictive they will never focus on what’s best for the country.Now all we need is for the Republicans to stand up for one of our greatest Presidents,[many people think the greatest]for us and for the Constitution/rule of law. i know,too many of them are members of the uniparty. They are owned by China just like Biden. The rest are weak and afraid what the media will say about them. There are a handful of warriors. They can’t stand up for us,then we can’t stand up for them. Those people deserve to be primaried. We’ll get people willing to challenge them and win.

Reminder:shut off the tv when Biden is being covered on the 20th. Maybe those 80 million Biden supporters will show up.