@AOC @RepAOC Thinks We Need To Be Deprogrammed. I Use the Word ‘Think’ Loosely.

I would like to tell the little sweetheart that i was born in 1952 meaning i’ve been around a few more years than she has. Our parents taught us things like you respect the police and the military. They taught us things like you respect other people, have empathy for people less fortunate than yourself and be grateful for what you have. We went to church every Sunday because they insisted on it. It was a great time to be a kid in America.i had a very happy childhood but by no means was i an angel. i earned any number of spankings and grounded as a teen. We played outdoors,the tv was not filled with gratuitous violence/sex and once i said a word i saw written at our playground it was the last time i ever said it in their house.My favorite book was the one where Holden Caulfied wished he could remove that word from the eyes of innocent children everywhere he saw it. We said the pledge of allegiance every morning before our classes started. We attended Catholic school so we had to say prayers too. Mom & Dad insisted we did our homework before we were allowed to do anything else.

My parents were JFK Democrats.Everyone i had contact was. He was the first and only Catholic President. We took pride in that. Our class paused for prayer the day he was assasinated. When i turned 18 i registered as a Democrat primarily because my folks were and remained so their whole life.I didn’t know much about the other party for lack of contact or context.All I remember hearing is how the Republicans were only for the rich.Over time i became more conservative because of 1 issue-legalized abortion. It was antithetical to everything i was taught growing up and the Democrat party was totally embracing it.From there i took a closer look at the conservative movement,listened to conservative voices-not necessarily Republican-and realized the conservative pov was closer to my own than i thought.

The liberals/progressives confirmed my movement toward conservatism was the right path. i saw NFL players take a knee during our anthem. i heard BLM chant ‘pigs in a blanekt,fry em like bacon’ and call for dead police officers. I noticed how the Democrats were horrified if you spoke out against the murder of the unborn. The America i grew up in had its faults but it was a far calmer,less violent & contentious country than the one i’m seeing now. I think my mom would have voted Hillary. She thought highly of her. i think Dad would have voted Trump for a host of reasons but especially because Trump defended the blue collar worker the Dems used to defend.

The people of America are not at war with each other. We’re at war with 2 sets of ideas.On the one side you have ppl who believe the Constitution and rule of law is sacrosanct;on the other are people who believe it’s outdated and ignore it until it suits their purposes. AOC thinks the people who see the Constitution as our strongest foundation are the ones who need deprogrammed. IMHO the liberal left overs from the 60’s have already indoctrinated enough people in our universities and colleges.

There are 2 genders,marriage is between a man and a woman for life, the family is the foundation of a civil society,the best governance is based on the principle of subsidiarity,the end does not justify the means.The end result must be as right as the means we use to get there. Now,AOC would probably in shock. All those statements are true but they’re considered controversial. Evidently she prefers living in chaos. Objective truth and the rule of law works for me.

i voted for Trump. He wasn’t flawless. Last i knew none of our Presidents were. He was spot on when it counted.There was nothing wrong with an America First agenda. It’s common sense to put the interests of your own country ahead of the interests of other countries. He always said, he wasn’t the President of the world,he was the President of the United States. Funny how that had to be stated when it should have been understood.He even protected the sovreignity of our country by buidling the wall and ENFORCING our immigration laws. He started bringing our troops home so we didn’t have to play policemen for the world.It’s not as if he was an isolationist either. He ordered limited military intervention when necessary;he let our military wipe out the ISIS caliphate and take out 2 well known terrorists. He never accepted the failed political doctrine of nation building either. Yet,he managed to secure several peace deals in the Middle East that were deemed impossible.

He did all he could do to protect the life of the unborn & religous freedom. For that alone i respected him.The hatred that was directed towards Pres Trump was an eye opener. I could never return to the Democrat party after what i witnessed.

What is it AOC wants people like me deprogrammed from? I would never consider doing anything like that to her but i do think she has a few things to learn. I’m in my late 60’s and still learning. It’s never a done deal. I know this- the march to Utopia is futile. This is the real world we live in. Government is not the answer to all our problems. Our founders fought for our Republic and expected us to hang onto it. Trample on our Constitution to rig an election, like they did to get Biden elected, i have a real problem with the election results.

Highly recommended reading: Utopia by Mark Levin & Liberty and Tryanny by Mark Levin.