Who’s Really To Blame For The Violence On Capitol Hill?

 Who’s REALLY To Blame?Posted by Sean Robertson | Jan 11, 2021 | It finally happened. The tension that has been mounting for YEARS now came to a head on January 6th, when a mishmash of Americans (mostly Trump Supporters) stormed the United States Capitol Building, spurred by the belief that our democracy was being stolen.And to be fair, it just may have been.There are MILLIONS of pieces of evidence of voter fraud that, at the very least, warrant a full-scale investigation—but the Deep State machine refuses to lift a finger to do anything.Funny how they can spend three years and millions of dollars investigating Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, but they can’t spend two months investigating whether the 2020 election was legitimate.If I were on the Left (and I’m most assuredly not), I would WANT the investigation. Bring it on! If Biden won fair and square, let’s prove it and throw it back in the faces of all his critics.But that’s not happening.And that’s the problem. NOTHING is happening. No investigations, no commissions, no hearings. They’re doing NOTHING, and yet they wonder why people are angry?

Source: Who’s Really To Blame For The Violence On Capitol Hill?