Who’s Really To Blame For The Violence On Capitol Hill?

 Who’s REALLY To Blame?Posted by Sean Robertson | Jan 11, 2021 | It finally happened. The tension that has been mounting for YEARS now came to a head on January 6th, when a mishmash of Americans (mostly Trump Supporters) stormed the United States Capitol Building, spurred by the belief that our democracy was being stolen.And to be fair, it just may have been.There are MILLIONS of pieces of evidence of voter fraud that, at the very least, warrant a full-scale investigation—but the Deep State machine refuses to lift a finger to do anything.Funny how they can spend three years and millions of dollars investigating Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, but they can’t spend two months investigating whether the 2020 election was legitimate.If I were on the Left (and I’m most assuredly not), I would WANT the investigation. Bring it on! If Biden won fair and square, let’s prove it and throw it back in the faces of all his critics.But that’s not happening.And that’s the problem. NOTHING is happening. No investigations, no commissions, no hearings. They’re doing NOTHING, and yet they wonder why people are angry?

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Trump Declassifying Trove Of FBI Memos Exposing Steele’s Motivations, Ties To Impeachment Witness – Nwo Report

mpeachment WitnessDate: January 17, 2021Author: Nwo Report0 CommentsSource: CD Media StaffDelivering in his final days on one of his last unfulfilled promises, President Trump is declassifying a massive trove of FBI documents showing the Russia collusion story was leaked in the final weeks of the 2016 election in an effort to counteract Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.The memos to be released as early as Friday include FBI interviews and human source evaluation reports for two of the main informants in the Russia case, former MI6 agent Christopher Steele and academic Stefan Halper.The president authorized the release of a foot-high stack of internal FBI and DOJ documents that detail significant flaws in the investigation and provide a detailed timeline of when the FBI first realized the Steele dossier was problematic, multiple government officials told Just the News…

Source: Trump Declassifying Trove Of FBI Memos Exposing Steele’s Motivations, Ties To Impeachment Witness – Nwo Report

Migrant Caravan in Guatemala Pushes Through Border from Honduras — Heading to U.S.A. – Nwo Report

Guatemalan officials report that approximately 6,500 migrants are on the move from Honduras. The migrants began pushing through the Guatemalan southern border. Their ultimate destination — U.S.A.Guatemala’s immigration spokesman Alejandra Mena told Reuters that there were approximately 6,500 Honduran migrants on the move. Thousands crossed the country’s southern border on Saturday with an ultimate announced destination of the United States.

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China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses

 China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence AssessesSenior CIA officials pressured analysts to withdraw assessmentBY IVAN PENTCHOUKOV January 17, 2021 Updated: January 17, 2021 biggersmaller PrintDirector of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe assessed that China interfered in the 2020 federal elections, according to a letter transmitted to Congress.In the letter (PDF), Ratcliffe alleges that intelligence about China’s election interference was suppressed by management at the CIA, which pressured analysts to withdraw their support for the view.Citing a report by the Intelligence Community’s analytic ombudsman Barry Zulauf, the director of national intelligence said that some analysts were reluctant to describe China’s actions as election interference because they disagreed with the policies of President Donald Trump.The Washington Examiner published Ratcliffe’s letter and the ombudsman report on Jan. 17, 10 days after publishing an original report on the documents. The ODNI didn’t immediately respond to requests from The Epoch Times to authenticate the documents.“Based on all available sources of intelligence, with definitions consistently applied, and reached independent of political considerations or undue pressure—that the People’s Republic of China sought to influence the 2020 U.S. federal elections,” Ratcliffe wrote.The report by Zulauf was sent to Congress on Jan. 7 alongside an intelligence community assessment of interference in the 2020 election. In the report (pdf), Zulauf states that the analysts working on Russia and China applied different standards to their reporting on election interference. While labeling Russia’s activity as clear election interference, the analysts were reluctant to do the same for China.“Given analytic differences in the way Russia and China analysts examined their targets, China analysts appeared hesitant to assess Chinese actions as undue influence or interference,” Zulauf wrote.“These analysts appeared reluctant to have their analysis on China brought forward because they tended to disagree with the Administration’s policies, saying in effect, I don’t want our intelligence used to support those policies.”Neither the ombudsman report nor the letter from Ratcliffe includes details on China’s meddling. Zulauf redirected an interview request by The Epoch Times to the ODNI, which didn’t immediately respond to an emailed request.The analytic ombudsman’s report assesses that politicization occurred in relation to both Russia’s and China’s election interference. Zulauf assessed that neither intelligence community leaders nor analysts are at fault, blaming the hyperpartisan atmosphere in the United States instead.“In most cases, what we see is the entire system responding to and resisting pressures from outside, rather than attempts to politicize intelligence by our leaders or analysts.”The report states that the analysts who assessed Russia’s election interference had complained that the intelligence community management was reluctant to deliver their assessments to government clients because the work was not “well received.”“Analysts saw this as suppression of intelligence, bordering on politicization of intelligence from above,” Zulauf wrote.The Epoch Times previously documented a multi-pronged election influence campaign linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).In a Dec. 3 op-ed, Ratcliffe said the CCP “poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since World War II.”“The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily, and technologically,” he wrote. “Many of China’s major public initiatives and prominent companies offer only a layer of camouflage to the activities of the Chinese Communist Party.”Congress certified Joe Biden as the president-elect on Jan. 7. In the two months leading up to the certification, Trump challenged the outcome of the election in seven states, citing unconstitutional changes to election laws and potentially illegally cast votes.

Source: China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses

Why Not Litigate the 2020 Election Against the Man Who Did NOT Win-Joe Biden

Mark Levin is a constitutional scholar-bar none-and that’s why I listen to him every day Mon-Friday on radio and Sunday’s on Life,Liberty and Levin. The man is a genius. More than that he’s a patriot.[ A great writer to boot]. He’s my hero. I can’t think of anyone i admire more than Mark Levin with 1 exception;President Donald J. Trump.

On his Jan 17,2021 episode of Life,Liberty and Levin he mentioned once again the violation of the Constitution by 4 states during the presidential election. Those 4 states,all critical,were Pennsylvania,Wisconsin,Michigan and Georgia. He noted he didn’t want to litigate the election again. i rarely disagree with Mr. Levin and willingly admit he’s a lot sharper than i am (in spades)but i would say with no doubt at all it was never litigated in the first place. They had some phony show in Congress where some Republicans pretended to support an audit of the election and objected to the certification of electors. i’m not convinced those ppl were necessarily sincere. Then you had other Republicans who couldn’t wait to get on with it and vote to certify Biden. You even had one liar who claimed she would vote to object and revealed herself-proving why she was a terrible candidate in the first place. It’s no wonder she lost her race. She has no backbone-no principles. I don’t need to get into details. You know who i’m talking about and exactly what i’m talking about.

i honestly don’t recall any litigation to speak of. The states moved along and didn’t bother other than giving lip service to hearings in their legislatures. Hello…our states violated the Constitution to help Biden rob the election with fake numbers he couldn’t possibly get and didn’t.

Now this scum is going to put his hand on a bible before a Supreme Court Justice and take an oath to uphold a Constitution that he just let the states violate.

I’m with Mr. Levin in saying the states must get back to following the law before the next election. I only part company with Mt. Levin by stating they need to straighten up the election they just had.These legislators better put their foot down.We’re either a nation of laws or we’re a Banana Republic,no different than the rest of them. No,this is NOT a call to violence. This is a call to a free,fair and legal election.

Is President Trump the only one with the courage to take a pass on the inaguration of mr phony president? Every single one of the Republicans should decline attending.They want to take the higher moral ground. The higher moral ground to me is opposing an illegal election.You know what’s up-they don’t want the media to badmouth them.

We can do our part on Jam 20th. Turn off your tv. I’m sure the media,big tech and the Dems will fill us in for weeks.

The guy on the right won (he even surpassed Obama’s numbers)

sure. when this happened