So You Hated President Trump

it’s now 3 days until the inaugration of Joe Biden and Trump will have rolled out the door by then.Dream come true,right?

You couldn’t have 2 people who were more worlds apart than these 2. Joe Biden who spent 47 years in politics and Trump who spent 4(his first and only term). Biden who came from the world of DC politics including the office of VP under Obama and Trump who came from the business world and years with a succesful reality tv show called The Apprentice;which by the way i NEVER watched.Not kidding. I’m not a big fan of television or at least contemporary television.

Trump isn’t the kind of person to beat around the bush, to mince words(my mom was like that)or be a slave tu bureaucracy-he wants to get things done. He was never an isolationist but it was always America First policy. Some people never got that but generally speaking if you weren’t fond of the country you probably weren’t fond of his policies either. He was blunt at times but he didn’t roll over to please the media either. Republicans generally don’t get that. They are always rolled because they desire to stay in the good graces of the media. Not that they ever did but it was lost on them. Trump didn’t give a flip. He was elected by us,not the media.He always kept that mind.The Never Trumpers didn’t view him as a true conservative but he managed more than any previous Republican president to get conservative policies in place. I always considered these never Trumpers believed they belonged to some special little club to which only they got the password and to whom they wanted to give it.

Two totally different people from 2 totally different backgrounds. There are a lot of other differences but they probably don’t matter much as this point. What does matter now is that one is going to govern and the other isn’t. It’s why i’m losing sleep and up right now losing more sleep.

I’ve been suspended from Twitter(banned for all intents & purposes)where i got to see the most vile attacks on President Trump every single day. The strangest aspect of Twitter was how the anti Trump topics would always trend. Never failed. They would use the same hashtags over and over just rotate them. Resist,impeach,resign,step down,get out. it’s a shame they didn’t respect the office of President. On the other hand you have to admit that’s the great part about our country. You may not have liked seeing these attacks but you knew that free speech was alive and well in the U.S. The fact that Trump didn’t silence the voices that hated him speaks volumes. The media was another matter. They were intentionally trying to keep him from gteting elected then intentionally trying to get him out of office.

We all know the Russia collusion story went on for nearly his whole first term while nearing the end of that term-when the hoax failed-Congress got involved in efforts to impeach him. They’ve brought up articles of impeachment against him 2x to date. A record. It was 19 min from the time he was sworn into office they started calling for impeachment. There’s 2 records we won’t forget.

I am convinced-no doubt in mind-that Trump won re-election in a landslide and Biden lost making him an illegitimate President of the United States. How did this allegedly happen? The Dems violated the Consitition making it failrly easy to cheat in the critical states.They should have at least done an audit and answered THE question. You would think they’d have wanted to prove people like me wrong and put this to rest.

Weird that the freedom the left had to attack Trump is being taken away from the people who say anything negative about Biden’s election. You’re not allowed. Trump was banned from Twitter over it. I can attest to censorship and banning across several platforms. So the people who hated Trump are ok with this?They don’t find this disconcerting? Do they even see the difference?

They do know if there comes a time when they have a point of disagreement with the Biden admin it’s not going to matter? If they can censor & ban us they can censor and ban them. Trump was the dictator,the one taking away our rights?

I’m taking a hard pass on the inauguration. Since i don’t watch tv anyway it will be off before it even starts.

For the next 4 yr i’m just going to sit back and watch. No calls for resistance,impeachment,resignation. None of it. They got what they asked for and Trump is now out of the line of fire. i see it as a win-win. I’m terribly disappointed but i plan to get on with my life.No screaming at the sky,no temper tantrums on camera.

this was an adult at the Trump inauguration

Wait till they see what THEY have coming from the new administration.Who remembers the short story called The Monkey’s Paw? Be careful what you wish for,you may get what you want.Good luck folks.

Finally,let’s just suppose Biden didn’t really win.You don’t want to know/don’t care? It doesn’t bother you that you were lied to for close to 4 yr about the Russia collusion story?Curious.