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for consideration:it’s not a good idea to take the word of a source that does not identify himself/herself and expects you to follow them even though they’re anonymous or a supposed insider. The media uses the tactic all the time.

Would you ever put your trust in a perfect stranger? Q |(aka Qanon) expected ppl to do just that. i would never sit back and ‘trust the plan’ when the opposition has a plan of their own they’re setting in motion.They couldn’t have hoped for anything better than the Trump supporters sitting back and doing nothing.You know,trusting ‘the plan.’

Systemic Violence

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Know how riots start? There’s the psychology behind it. Some people will do in a mob what they wouldn’t do as an individual. Please note i said SOME people. There are people who will use common sense and good judgement whose lives are guided by principle. They’re not going to abandon principle for anyone.These people would walk away. They know when to get out. Now,you take a group of people who have a legitimate reason to be angry, grab hold of that anger and incite them to act out.BINGO. You have a riot. It’s probably spontaneous. However,you also have systemic violence. You can read about it in their manifesto. It’s not spontaneous. They have people grabbing hold of their anger and form it into a movement.The difference is they believe violence is the way to address the greivances they’re angry about and build a movement around it. They may not even have a greivance to address. There are people who seek power for power’s sake and rather than the ballot box they see their way to power through violence.

The left had movements in the 60’s that resorted to violence. The Weather Underground was a group that broke out of the SDS. It was led by William Ayers and his future wife Bernadine Dohrn. The Black Panthers was the BLM of that era. The Weather Underground was the Antifa of that era. Where is Ayers now? He’s a retired teacher from the University of Illinois. Barack Obama was alleged to have some association with Ayers. They likely did know each other. How well is questionable but they’re both progressives from the Chicago area. Chicago,there’s a city that has no real problem with systemic violence under entrenched progressive rule… i mean governance.

Obama himself was an ADMITTED radical. It’s not as if he hid it. He wrote about it in his autobiography Dreams of My Father. He didn’t advocate for violence, i’ll give him that. A quote from his book did set off alarms for me though.

Obama wasn’t dangerous the way Ayers was dangerous. He was a danger because of his radical ideas & his community organizing skills as a means to acheive the goal. Obama saw his becoming ‘the man’ (a position he claimed to hate) as the way forward.They loathed ‘the man’. That was the language of the left at the time.Ayers and Obama both had the same goal; just different approaches to getting there. Neither condemened the other.The 2 represent the whole radical movement. The left was systemically violent in the 60’s .They failed in their violent revolution but they managed to get in positions of influence. The left was peculiarly fascinated with Marxism and Socialism then. Still are. They know Marxism/Communism has always meant centralized power. As a side note consider that the Democrat party founded the violent KKK and supported Jim Crow laws;later they supported segregation. Ask Joe Biden about segregation. He was one of the Democrats that supported it.

Yes,i do understand that there are militant groups out there. i do understand that there was a terrorist by the name of Timothy Mcveigh. i’m looking more at the offspring of radical 60’s movements because they have infiltrated our culture.Not all groups have done that and lone wolves like McVeigh have their own agenda.Neither of these-militant groups or the lone wolf- have anything to do with the circumstances we’re facing currently.

Let’s be honest and admit Joe Biden,Kamala Harris and the Democrat party had no problem with any means possible to take out Trump. They began their effort with Spygate in 2016,riots and resistence from 2016 through 2020 and violating the Constitution to win the 2020 election.

You want to talk about an insurrection you don’t have to look any further than the co-ordination between Antifa,BLM,the Democrats,Joe Biden’s campaign and the media.

What is an insurrection? Definition:an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.

The effort to ‘take out Trump’ would fit that defintion wouldn’t it?

The media and the Dems gaslit the public into believing Trump won the election because Russia intefered. They also characterized Trump as being a racist,fascist, cruel authoritarian as evil as Hitler or Stalin.You could certainly justify an insurrection if people were convinced all those things were true. It’s why Biden,Harris and the Dems were hands off when it came to the riots and insurrection in the streets for all of 2020.They probably counted on the riots undermining the President and affecting his chances of re-election at the end of the year. If it seemed like the media was sympathetic to BLM and Antifa it’s because they were.

We were hoping Pres Trump would enact the insurrection act. The act gives U.S. presidents the authority to deploy active duty military to maintain or restore peace in times of crisis.They ham strung Trump by attacking him for even considering it. IMHO most of the public would have supported him given the relentless attacks by Antifa/BLM for the better part of the year. No matter how the media talked about the violence as being a peaceful protest the American people knew better.

Now they’re accusing the Trump supporters of being seditious when they spent 4 yr OPENLY trying to take out our legitimately elected President,finally resorting to systemic violence.All Antifa/BLM needed was a precipitating event.Ironically there was proof that there was election interference for Joe Biden if anyone would have bothered to take a look and CONSIDER it.

The Dems decided to impeach Trump a 2nd time;this time for the Capitol attack on Jan 6[2021] claiming he incited the violence. How is that possible when the attack had been planned months in advance, before the protest in DC was given any thought.

“ERIC COOMER OF DOMINION: “TRUMP’S NOT GONNA WIN. I MADE F*CKING SURE OF THAT!”, “ERIC FROM DOMINION” TOLD ANTIFA MEMBERS “KEEP UP THE PRESSURE””@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”…Katie Hobbs Arizona Secretary of State“We discovered that these systems are subject to different types of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,” “There is a reason that Texas rejected it,”…Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Source: https://citizenwells.com/2020/11/15/eric-coomer-of-dominion-trumps-not-gonna-win-i-made-fcking-sure-of-that-eric-from-dominion-told-antifa-members-keep-up-the-pressure/


Thought this guy was more qualified than Trump and they didn’t have to resort to violence and fraud to get him in office? Trump won in a landslide. Prove me wrong.