Within 4 Yr You Will Be Owned

  1. the Democrats interfere in the election and set it up to get Trump out. Something they began to do the day he was sworn in.
  2. incite violence using any excuse that comes up. “Never let a crisis go to waste”. hope the violence will weaken the Trump administration. This is BLM/Antifa and the unraveling of our civil society. call to defund the police. When a serious situation comes up only the National Guard will be available to handle it and ONLY IF the Democrat governors request them.
  3. violate the Consitution, illegally circumvent election laws making it easier to ‘fix’ the election.
  4. Trump is ousted-this effectively takes him out in the coup and makes it look legit.
  5. China Joe Biden is put into office-i won’t say elected,he wasn’t.
  6. Impeach Trump again. i’ll address the reasons for this particular impeachment in a seperate entry where i can focus solely on the impeachment.
  7. crack down on the MAGA movement. The left and some of the general public believes it’s for the benefit of the United States.
  8. Joe Biden,like many of our politicians is in the pocket of China. Pres Trump was not. Now do you get it? The media and the Dems have gaslit the left into believing Trump was a clear and present danger to the country so that being opposed to Trump made the left the patriots and the Trump supporters terrorists,insurrectionists, fascists. They convinced the useful idiots into believing Trump was a racist,misgoynist, Russian agent,dictator,traitor,fascist and Hitler like. Some of these people are still convinced Trump ‘colluded’ with the Russians and got elected because of the efforts of Putin. Yes,it’s idiotic and ridiculous because not one of the 70 some million people voted for Trump because of Putin. Meanwhile,the candidate who actually conspired(not the same as collusion) with China against the best interests of the United States is Biden. Trump opposed China. Guess who they wanted in office?
  9. Within 4 yr the United States will be owned by China and they won’t have fired a single shot. You better hope Trump runs again in 4 yrs. Yes, his opponents will try to cheat again but this time we’ll be aware-we’ll have to get ready by 2022 and 2024. This time Trump will know who his real supporters are and who was either weak at the knees or totally against him. The one good that has come out of his supposed loss is finding out who was truly with him-the real supporters will stand by him now more than ever.It’s how we find out in life who is a real friend. They are with you when you’re on top but stand with you more on the way down.The rats scatter.
  10. Do not resort to violence. We don’t have to. There is power in numbers. We have the truth on our side.The best way to fight back is not be one of those supporters who were weak in the knees.Violence begets violence. If we resort to violence we lose. The answer is civil disobedience. We can hope the useful idiots will wake up soon. Unfortunately i think some are WILLFULLY ignorant.I hope i’m proven wrong.Maybe when their liberties are threatened they will wake up.
  11. Once Biden is sworn in China owns us.Take that to the bank. Everything his radical administration implements wlll weaken our country. The sooner we acknowledge it the better.
  12. Pray
  13. Trump 2024. He runs again,I’m there!
  14. We are blessed with a wonderful country but it’s young. Maybe one day we can look back and say we were just young and foolish.