You Can’t Say #stopthesteal

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That’s you can’t say stop the steal because Joe Biden honestly won the election. Ok,let’s say #preventtherobbery. That’s prevent the robbery because Joe Biden didn’t win the election. There are people who say there’s just no evidence. I swear to God,Biden would have to put out a statement with the confession that they set it up & pulled it off for him.

I hate to say this you’d have to be pretty damned stupid not to figure out what happened in the 2020 election. Begin by going back to 2015/2016 and look at what the Obama-Biden administration did to Trump and the people on his campaign. The information is well documented in several books if you bother to read them. If you’re a liberal Democrat bet you prefer not to know the facts. If you’re even mildly curious and willing to consider the possibility the Obama/Biden administration set up Pres Trump with a hoax or think you can DISPROVE it i highly recommend the following books:

The Russia Hoax by Greg Jarret

Witch Hunt by Greg Jarret

Follow the Money by Dan Bongino

Deep State Target by George Papadopolous

Spygate by Dan Bongino

The Plot Against the President by journalist Lee Smith

If you’re not of the mind you want to read these books dispute anything Dan Bongino lays out in this 2018 speech from the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Let’s keep in mind that “collusion” is not a crime but the following are:

  1. lying to a fisa court . FELONY
  2. leaking classified information to the press/media. FELONY
  3. spying on an American citizen
  4. lying to Congress
  5. destroying evidence under subpeona FELONY
  6. making an unathorized change to an FBI memorandum. I’m not sure this is a crime but it’s definitely unethical

What do you call a member of Congress who sleeps with a CCP honey pot? He happens to sit on the intel committee and the lady in question was possibly a spy for the communist regime in China.Something tells me she wasn’t sleeping with a member of our INTEL committee for nothing.Eric Swallwel will skate. He’s a Democrat and constantly attacked Pres Trump for supposedly colluding with the Russians. That gets you a pass whether you’re a Democrat or Republican.

So what did the Mueller investigation conclude?You tell me what we-the taxpayer-paid $32 MILLION for. Not my figure either;

the nearly two-year special counsel investigation of Russian election interference led by Robert Mueller cost nearly $32 million in total, a new filing shows.


The investigation took up half of the President’s first term and when it ended there was nothing to nail Trump on so they decided to try an impeachment. They were planning to impeach him at some point anyway since they called for his impeachment less than a 1/2 hr after he was sworn into office. In fact i think the Democrats were calling for his impeachment as soon as he was elected or not long after.

I could go on about tons of crap they pulled on the Trump presidency in between the Mueller investigation and the first impeachment,much of it questionable. i don’t have the energy for it right now but most people already know unless they’re willfully ignorant.

You don’t think these people are capable of setting up the election to rob Trump of a 2nd term? IMHO they would and they could but the main question is did they?

If you’re a Democrat you likely believe that they should have but didn’t need to because Joe Biden was a fantastic candidate & Trump was terrible. I’m not going to get into the question of voter turn out at this point. We will have to delve into the numbers at some point ;for the time being all we are going to consider is whether or not the election was rigged.

The night of the election there were 4 states that grabbed my attention. They were 4 states that garnered a lot of attention. They were critical states. Before we do that let’s take into consideration the state with the largest population,California.Nobody would ever question the 55 electoral votes going to Joe Biden in this state,not even the Republicans. It’s a very liberal state with a very liberal Democrat Governor and it’s been 1 party in charge for a long time.As huge as the population is in California-which is why it has 55 electoral votes-the polls closed and the state was called for Biden. Just like that. Yet the 4 critical states in question still did not have the final count.Nobody could make the call for either candidate but it looked like a landslide victory for Trump when the count stopped. Georgia,it was reported,had a main water break. Some in the media were shaking their heads. They just couldn’t believe that of all nights this is the night it would happen.Watch their reactions the night they reported it.They weren’t that suspicious. i was of the mind that night, after being on pins and needles ,you have to be kidding me?!!!/BTW it turned out there was no main water break. However,there was video of the counters and media being sent home with 4 people that remained behind . It was surveillance video.They looked pretty busy pulling out ballots from underneath a table they had just set up.

Some of the critical states had unlawfully changed their own election laws. They violated the Constitution which just as clear as day says that ONLY the legislature can make the rules to govern an election. They went around the legislature and got away with it.

What should have happened given those circumstances was an IMMEDIATE audit of the election in those 4 states. No harm done other than a delay. The other thing that should have happened is the election in those states called out for being UNCONSTITUTIONAL .

The Democrats Russia Hoax begs the question;what wouldn’t they do to get Donald Trump out of office. The UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS beg the question; why would the officials in those states violate election laws unless they were up to something.

Most people with a brain have figured it out. The Democrats had the election rigged but they were blindsided by the massive Trump landslide they had to compensate for. Look at the numbers for Trump in those states just before they SIMULTANEOUSLY stopped the counting. When we went to bed Trump was having an historical win-when we woke up the next day Biden was all but declared the winner. That was another odd factor of the 2020 election. Trump was warned NOT to announce a win, which he didn’t, when in the meantime Biden went on tv & came pretty darned close to announcing a win. In fact,as my husband and I were watching tv election night the media suddenly announced Biden was going to make a statement. [we looked at each other with a WTH expression].

Before election day the Democrats were making sure we were informed that it might be a long time before we knew the results & would know who the winner was.Hillary gave a shout out to Joe

“do not concede the election under ANY circumstances”

With the election being unconstitutional in these states why didn’t their legislators stand up and say you can’t violate election law and expect us to certify the results. They take an OATH to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.The election of Joe Biden is unacceptable and we now have a truly illegitimate President [in name only ]in the White House.It’s a peaceful transfer of power but it’s also a national disgrace. I|would call it a coup completed.i would never advocate for violence to address it for the simple reason it would do more harm than good to our country and not affect the outcome. We love our country too much to lend a hand to its destruction. It would leave a stain on the legacy of Donald Trump,ruin any chance for his election in 2024 and wouldn’t get the end result we’d hope for. Violence is NOT the answer. PEACEFUL civil disobedience is and history proves that it has a profound and lasting affect. We’re on the right side here and what they did was so egrigeous i’m willing to bet it will cause their own downfall. They will do it to themselves. Watch.

Disagree with anything i’ve said here let me know, but you better come up a pretty good explanation for the other side.Biden barely campaigned.They put a lid on it more often than not.He couldn’t draw a crowd to save his soul but came up with more votes than Obama and Trump.Sure.Funny how he won in just the right states too where the election was questionable for various reasons,from changing the laws to blocking out poll watchers.

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