Tucker Carlson Is a Good Guy but He Let the Snake🐍,Tulsi Gabbard,In

When the Democrats were holding their 2020 primary i kept running into Republicans,conservatives and Trump supporters who were falling all over Tulsi Gabbard.She had made quite the impression on them. My hair was on fire. All i could think of was that poem Trump used to read at his rallies from time to time.Remember the poem he called The Snake?The warning was not to let the snake in,in the first place, then you wouldn’t get bit later.

Let’s remember a few facts about Tulsi

  1. she’s a Democrat and she ran on that platform. She had the benefit of not being in the limelight a great deal so she was shrewd enough to sit back & let the rest of the Democrat field pick at each other.
  2. She was in Congress. i have no recollection of her having a fit about big tech. It’s because she didn’t.
  3. Finally [and this one is major]she voted FOR the impeachment of Pres Trump.Tells you all you need to know. She is not a Democrat who stands on principle like she’s trying to characterize herself🐍 . She was just as rotten as the rest of them. She knows how to play it and that’s how she gets by Tucker. It’s not what she says. It’s everything she doesn’t say.