The MAGA Movement is NOT About Violence! Antifa/BLM Are.Prove Me Wrong

Trump was the law & order Pres from day 1. He backed our law enforcement every chance he got .There’s no way on earth he was enciting any riots. i heard the whole speech. There wasn’t a single word in there about storming any building. Now, because the left said so we’re all supposed to grovel for weeks and turn on Trump. We had MONTHS of Antifa/BLM going wild and they were just fantastic as far as the left was concerned. i feel badly over the deaths that occured as with any senseless loss of life but i am not going to start groveling and wearing sackcloth. We don’t have to resort to violence. it’s not going to get us anywhere. The great movements in history that won resorted to non violent civil disobedience. That’s where i’m at. i don’t grovel for anyone let alone the left or their partners in the media.

Side note:they want to wipe out #stopthesteal how about #preventtherobbery