Donald Trump IS a Law & Order President. Joe Biden is NOT. Please Listen(are there ANY Democrats that believe in our Constitution)?

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We know Pres Trump won re-election in a landslide. We know the Democrats had a plan to rob Trump.We know the Democrats are lawless. They will do anything for power. When Joe Biden is illegally sworn into office on Jan 20th I’m not watching. Ask me if i care. I do want to know the Republicans who attend his inauguration. They will go on my list of do not vote for. It keeps getting longer. What i won’t do is engage in violence,encourage violence, excuse violence. i will support non violent civil disobedience and free speech.

I actively support every single one of us Trump supporters standing up for him and commit now to vote for him again in 2024 should he run . I am hoping we can get the Patriot Party off the ground by 2022 or least be ready for 2024.

I know the left has restored to violence. We have always backed the blue. Let’s stay on the right side regardless of what the left does. We can fight them EFFECTIVELY and not resort to violence. i know exactly how you feel. There’s times i’m so angry i wouldn’t want to share with anyone what i’m thinking but it’s never anything i would act on.I refuse to stoop to their level. It doesn’t work. My God, i don’t want to stoop to their level. BTW, that doesn’t mean i will turn into a spineless worm like the Republicans. i will always be a strong advocate for the 1st and 2nd amendments of the Constitution. The right to bear arms isn’t meant to permit violence but I would never allow anyone to harm or kill myself or a family member. That’s foolish. NOBODY would do that.Even the liberals are surrounded by armed security.

IF you’re tempted to watch the Inauguration out of curiosity skip it anyway. The media will be falling all over themselves to replay the event for the benefit of the imbecile. His[Biden]supposed 80 million supporters can watch it. Take it to the bank the media will be looking at the numbers. if they’re huge they’ll report it endlessly. Why would we help them out?

I will tell you this,i have not forgotten what they did to Pres Trump from 2016-2020.I am going to keep a close watch on what they do from 2021 through 2024. They always get drunk on power and it ends up biting them in the butt. The Republicans can thank Harry Reid for changing the filibuster rule. Remember when Senator Reid said this

“If a Democratic president wants to tackle the most important issues facing our country, then he or she must have the ability to do so — and that means curtailing Republicans’ ability to stifle the will of the American people,”

“It’s time to allow a simple majority vote instead of the 60-vote threshold now required for legislation.”

They’ll get so drunk on power this time they’ll really go over the top. Biden is an embicile. He’ll govern like he campaigned. He hid in this basement. Trump governed like he campaigned. He worked his ass off. One thing we-the 80 million* Trump supporters- shouldn’t do is resort to violence and lose sight of his fantastic and consequential presidency. We can look forward to Trump 2024. The Democrats are scared to death of his running again. Good. I hope they’re right. IF we resort to violence as opposed to non violent civil disobedience they really do win.History has shown over and over that violence doesn’t get the end result it seeks.Non violent civil disobedience has always worked.Hang in,ok? He’s not going away. If i were the Democrats i’d worry more about President Trump being out of office than they did when he was in.

*I can’t prove it. In fact it’s just a hunch,but i will posit that it’s very possible Trump had close to 80 million supporters rather than the 70-74 million that was calculated. If the Dems wouldn’t have interfered in the election we would have gotten a more accurate number. Of course,it would show Biden lost. We can face another day knowing we have the truth.