Trump IS the President 2021,Freedom is the Choice, Biden is A FAKE. America is OUR Country(I still have a little fight left in me)

Before Donald J. Trump was even sworn into office the Obama/Biden administration was planning to take him out.They used spies,lying to the FISA court,leaking,foreign intel agencies and our agencies from the FBI to the State Dept to acheive their goal;to cash in their “insurance policy.” Hillary Clinton paid for the phony dossier they used. They pulled it off with help from the media but they didn’t acheive the goal.

While Donald Trump was in office Hillary Clinton said she was part of the “Resistance.” Remember that? The Resistance movement started the day Trump was sworn in. Hillary acted like she was so proud to be part of it.

Antifa and BLM took to the streets. In the Democrat controlled cities they ran wild. There was nobody to stop them. Pres Trump could have invoked the insurrection act,but he didn’t.They were destroying buildings and businesses. They were tearing down our national monuments. They were ready to attack the White House.The Secret Service moved the President to the Bunker fearing they would breach the White House.

They even torched St John’s Church in DC known as the President’s church .Anyone arrested? Not that i recall. How about you?

I remember when Trump supporters were assaulted during his first campaign. The media never said a peep.

Antifa and BLM protaganists/rioters would be arrested only to be turned back into the streets the next day. FACT Biden and Harris helped fund their bail. The Black Lives Matter website took donations that went directly to the Biden-Harris campaign. FACT

All these people were in bed together with one goal in mind:get Pres Trump out of office as quickly as possible by any means possible.It was the whole point of the Resistance. When all else failed they decided to try impeachment.

When you try to remove a sitting President illegally-such as the felonies they committed in what came to be known as Spygate(aka Obamagate)-it’s called a coup. At the least it could be considered sedition.

It begs the question and i’ve said this a zillion times-What WOULDN’T they do to get Trump out of office. They tried to make his whole first term a living hell but that didn’t work either. He accomplished so much of his agenda that there’s no way on earth Biden will be able to undo all of it.

They did manage to do one thing though and that was rob him of a 2nd term he earned. I say ROBBED because they realized they had to be certain -not leave it to chance-that he was defeated in 2020 by whatever means they could. How would they do it? In the critical states controlled by Democrats they violated the Constitution and changed elections laws they had no authority to change. The whole purpose of changing these laws was to make it easier to cheat.Hillary Clinton gave it away when she told Biden not to concede under ANY circimstances.

The Supreme Court should have taken the case from the Trump legal team.

The Republican legislatures should have fought like hell.

The Republicans in Congress should have grown a spine,not proven themselves to be the spineless worms they are. Some of them are rats. Unfortunately the media has sunk so low they were part of the attempted coup.The one thing that caught the Democrats off guard was the massive landslide Trump had.

Now we’re just 11 days away from the Greatest President of my lifetime leaving DC.The left is laughing at the censoring,the persecution,the shutting down of free speech against Trump and his supporters. You know,the dictator that never did such a thing. They don’t seem to have a clue what’s coming. They will.

The Supreme Court shot themselves in the foot and will realize it when the Democrats pack the court.

The Republicans will think twice now about the President’s veto of the NDAA Defense Bill they over rode. When they’re censored they’ll realize he was right.

“Our Republican Senate just missed the opportunity to get rid of Section 230, which gives unlimited power to Big Tech companies”

Twitter has suspended my account @theratzpack. It’s ok. I intended to leave on the 20th anyway. They just made it sooner.

You can find me on @ratzpack

on Gab as @easybreezy22

Would like to see everyone at the Patriot Party forum so we can build up our membership and lay the foundation for a 3rd party before the 2022 mid terms.

.My final goal is to get Donald Trump elected again in 2024 should he run and kick Biden(or whoever is in there by then)to the curb.

CDC has not seen emergence of a highly contagious U.S. variant of coronavirus

The White House coronavirus task force said there could be a fresh variant of the virus that evolved in the U.S. and is driving spread, according to a document obtained by NBC News.The new strain is already spreading in communities and may be 50% more transmissible, it said.The report, which was issued to states on Jan. 3, offers few further details about this possible new variant.The CDC issued a statement saying it has not seen the emergence of a highly contagious new U.S. variant of the coronavirus, unlike variants in the U.K. and South Africa. It noted, however, that there are probably many variants emerging across the globe.

Source: CDC has not seen emergence of a highly contagious U.S. variant of coronavirus