We Live In An Age of Madness

You know it’s true but i’m only going to write about a slice of it.I could write a book that covers the whole age. A blog entry isn’t going to cut it. No need to as long as you start from that premise.

What is the slice i can address here? It begins with the election of Donald J. Trump when Hillary Clinton was the heir apparent. The only other person who could have defeated the Clinton Dynasty was Obama but they were on the same side so it hardly mattered. Liberals were not apopletic when Obama defeated Hillary were they. Of course not and she was rewarded with a spot in the Administration. Secretary of State is a pretty big deal. Everyone was happy.

The whole liberal media had Hillary down as Madam President come 2017. I knew better. Every yard sign i saw was Trump Make America Great Again. Want to know who’s going to win an election just ignore the polls and look at the yard signs you’re surrounded with. Honestly,you can make a pretty accurate call that way.

You could see the disappointment on the faces of every single cable news anchor. You have to ask why is that the case? They’re journalists,news reporters,news anchors.There is no way on earth you should be able to discern who these ppl are supporting but it’s so clearly obvious it’s not funny. Back in the day when you had Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley you could hardly tell. I’m not saying you couldn’t discern at all but they didn’t have their party affiliation stamped across their forehead either. Back then the stations went off at midnight-1:00 and the national anthem came on. It was the signal that broadcasting was done. You turned off the tv. Now you have cable news 24 hr a day,7 days a week.IMHO it doesn’t make for great reporting .i digress but you get the point.

Trump was a racist,misogynist,hateful,adulterous low life human being who would become a dictator if he were elected. He was elected. By the time of the Jan. 20,2016 inauguration[of Trump] 62 Democrats made a point of not attending. They didn’t just take a pass on the inauguration they had to make sure they boycotted it publicly. They made all sort of disparaging comments about Trump. They weren’t divisive of course. They were being principled. Kudos to the 62 Democrats who thought so highly of the peaceful transfer of power and the media that backed them. Maxine Waters convinced people to harrass Trump officials. The media considered these people heroes.

the get in their face tactic escalated into angry mobs by the time of the 2nd Republican Convention

Trump was not only a racist,misogynist and dangerous dictator but he was also a Russian agent. The accusation of Russian agent began early in his first term fully supported by the cable news networks.Now he was called treasonous,traitor,Putin’s puppet. The Mueller investigation into Trump-Russia collusion began in May 2017 and wrapped up in March 2019.Anotherwords from the time of the first accusations to the end of the special counsel investigation it took up MOST of Trump’s first term. We found out that it was all a hoax,perpetrated by our own FBI, Justice Department,Christopher Steele,the State Dept and Hillary Clinton then spread by the media. It is also true there is no such crime as collusion besides the fact that it never occured at all anyway. We recently learned that the same man who was constantly accusing Trump of being a Russian Agent was having an affair with a honey pot spying for the CCP in China.

I honestly wonder how Pres Trump managed to get anything at all accomplished during his first term in office especially when they took up impeachment almost as soon as the Russia Hoax was over.What the Democrats did during Trump’s first term was stir up hatred against Trump and by extension his supporters. They turned that anger into confrontation,mob rule,division and even violence and destruction while the media either looked the other way or helped the Democrats fuel the narrative.

Let’s not overlook the fact that while the Russia Hoax was over the perpetrators who committed felonies were not only walking the streets without justice served they were even rewarded one way or the other. There were maybe 2 or 3 that paid a price;the worst they suffered was removal from office or a demotion. The media lied straight into the camera to the American people and never apologized,never really retracted and worse never investigated the actual crimes.Unfortunately it’s a pattern.

They took it a step further when they buried the Hunter Biden story because it implicated Joe Biden and he was running for President.

Pres Trump’s last year was probably the most difficult. It’s when the riots started. I would attribute the rise of Antifa/ BlM to the denigration of law enforcement that started under Obama.There were police officers who were being assasinated while on patrol not even engaged in an active crime scene. I’m not going to address the deeper problems involved here;i’m only going to scratch the surface. People were told the police were targeting people based on race. If you were anything but white you had a bullseye on your back. You were being hunted down. The mantra of BLM was “pigs in a blanket,fry em like bacon.” When BLM began rioting,looting,vandalizing,confronting and attacking bystanders Antifa was more than willing to join in.Our streets were being run by anarchists and the cities set on fire.The media gave them a pass.

QuoteMore than a dozen campaign staffers for U.S. Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden reportedly donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), a nonprofit organization that pays criminal bail and immigration bonds — or cash bonds — for those who cannot afford them. MFF became a national focus after several celebrities donated funds to the organization to bail out protesters arrested during demonstrations calling for the arrest of police officers associated with the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died while in custody.  Snopes readers inquired about the veracity of the claim.

This claim is true.

An investigation conducted by Reuters found that at least 13 Biden campaign staffers donated to the MFF. Colleen May, a field organizer for the Texas Democratic Party, posted a $50 receipt for her donation on May 29. Before her current role, she held several positions with the Biden campaign between December 2019 and June 2020. Patrick McCarthy, regional organizing director for the Florida Democratic Party, responded to her tweet with a similar donation. McCarthy also worked for the Biden campaign from November 2019 to June 2020. End Quote


Notice how the people who were arrested are referred to as protestors. Notice how the media is not calling them out for the violence either.

All of this is taking place during an election year and might have ramifications for both candidates.When a candidate is running against a sitting President generally what happens is that problems like these riots fall more in the lap of the person sitting in the oval office than the candidate running against the President unless the media is running cover for you.

We’re right up to election day and Trump has been out campaiging like crazy holding numerous rallies. The Biden campaign has put more lids on than off during his whole campaign.

I can’t really characterize the 2 campaigns any other way. It’s FACT.Trump has huge crowds. Biden is in a parking lot with cars. If i stand corrected pls let me know.

Let’s talk about the election itself. There are several critical states among them Pennsylvania,Wisconsin,Michigan and Georgia. All have Democrat Governors but Georgia(which IMHO may as well be Democrat).

I can tell you exactly what happened in Pennsylvania because this one is particularly disturbing.


The U.S. Constitution is clear. The legislators determine election law. The elections clause states,

“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof…”

Mark Levin spells out exactly what happened.

“In … Pennsylvania, which has [a] Democrat governor, Democrat secretary of state, Democrat majorities of justices on the state Supreme Court,” explained the “Life, Liberty & Levin” host, “they used all of these non-legislature officers to change the laws in Pennsylvania to assist the Democrats. So the legislature was cut out.”

In a nutshell what the state of Pennsylvania did re the election was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Period. End of story.

You have to ask,why would that do that knowing they were breaking election law?

I won’t go through the issues with the other states because it’s not what i’m going to conclude with here.

Trump called up the Save America rally for several reasons but the main reason was to assert some pressure on the Congress during the certification of electors. I watched the whole rally,listened to the whole spech. He never incited violence. Not even once,not even close. It was hard to read his face.Donald Trump is not the kind of person you can’t get a vibe of some kind but here you couldn’t. He looked a little like a defeated person and the rally his last stand. He tried to hide it;i imagine for the benefit of his supporters.He did have one last hope. I had one last hope. Mike Pence MIGHT stand up for him. The people on the floor might stand up for him. Every single Republican in Congress should have stood up for him.

Mike Pence chose to validate an act that violated our Constitution when he and every single member of Congress takes an oath to uphold and defend it.

Pres Trump hoped Mike Pence would stand up for him. It was the last and at this point only chance of changing the election results and saving his re-election. i can tell you that I am convinced Ptres Trump won the election in a landslide and this election didn’t pass the smell test at all.

I am NOT going to justify acts of violence. People lost their lives in the chaos that ensued.

People broke into a federal building,vandalized the property, threatened the officers.

They should be arrested and i’m sure will be, given all the images available and testimony of witneses.

i feel terrible for the families of those who lost loved ones. It should never have happened but i can tell you the rally and speech were NOT the cause. I don’t have one good word to say about the Republicans in Congress who couldn’t wait to stab the President in the back helping out the corrupt media and Democrats rather than standing up for the truth.

The truth is it was a beautiful day with the American ppl and their President. It turned ugly when mob rule took over at the Capitol Buidling.i do have some sympathy for the perpetrators-not that i don’t want justice served because it must be-because of all that we have been through this past year. Actually what all of have been through these past 4 yrs culminating in the loss of an election by a man who deserved a 2nd term and from whom it was stolen. YES,IT WAS STOLEN. Would i have broken into the Capitoal Buidling? i doubt it. Mob rule has its own psychology so i can only say doubt. i’m a law abiding citizen and abhor violence. but people can change on a dime if they’re caught up. It only takes the right person or right people to light the mach. It was a massive rally and there was a large crowd at the buiding iteself. i am NOT giong to blame Pres Trump for a riot he had nothing to do with. The spineless Republicans especially the ones looking out for their own self interest like the politicians they are came damned close to placing the blame squarely on Trump or played word games and placed SOME of the blame on Trump. I’m not .i don’t care about the media i saw Democrats,the media and pundits all over the media justifying the BLM/ANTIFA riots. i heard their dog whistle.

Trump did no such thing. From the beginning of his administration he tried to restore respect for law enforcement. He spoke up about our monuments being torn down. He made certain our federal buildings were protected when he could. He watched as his supporters were attacked,verbally and physically both. He never called for retaliation;neither did we so you’ll excuse me if i don”t set my hair on fire like the people in Congress. The media called the anarchists protestors while they called the people at the Capitol building rioters. Ya think maybe we could be honest and say both groups were rioters?One difference here i need to mention. The Trump supporters in DC were not known for it. The groups ANTIFA/BLM were founded on violence as a tactic.

Yes,the election was stolen from US (keep that in mind)and Biden is not a legitimate President. Maybe it was the last straw? You know who i think less of than the media-the Republicans. Watch as they fold. When Ted Cruz starts some crap about the President you know they’re folding. Not me brother.


One of Big Tech’s Own Lobbed a Punch Against Them… On Behalf of Trump by Beth Baumann

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is rarely, if ever, on the side of conservatives. In fact, they usually favor Democrats’ policies and decisions. But now the civil rights organization is speaking out about Big Tech’s decision to permanently ban President Donald Trump from their platforms.According to the ACLU, Americans should be concerned about the “unchecked power” that social media platforms have.

 “For months, President Trump has been using social media platforms to seed doubt about the results of the election and to undermine the will of voters,” ACLU Senior Legal Counsel Kate Ruane said in a statement.

“We understand the desire to permanently suspend him now, but it should concern everyone when companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked power to remove people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions – especially when political realities make those decisions easier.”

The organization reminded followers and supporters that the same thing could happen to them.

Source: One of Big Tech’s Own Lobbed a Punch Against Them… On Behalf of Trump by Beth Baumann