The Tryanny of Trump

Remember how the media,Dems and Never Trumpers were trying to convince the citizenry that Trump would be a tryant;an authoritarian who would govern like Hitler or Stalin(pick your despot)?

We all know what Antifa and BLM did for the better part of the election year. How did the media and Democrats react to the violence when the anarchists were burning down buildings, setting cities on fire, vandalizing,looting and attacking innocent people. How did the media and Democrats react when law enforcement officers were assasinated while Obama was President? Remember the slogan,’pigs in a blanket,fry em like bacon.”

How about Madonna noting she wanted to blow up the White House? Of course it was because Trump was the occupant. I could use a whole blog entry just citing the violence the left thought was okie dokie.Joe Biden went so far as to say if he wasn’t elected the violence wouldn’t stop. I don’t think he was giving himself cred for being a law and order guy. It was a thinly veiled threat.

You know very well how the Democrats and media reacted to all this violence. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden knew they could get away with a call for it. They supported it morally and of all things,financially.

I can posit they felt justified because they characterized Trump as a tyrant.Another words who wouldn’t riot against a fascistic tyrant?

How did Trump handle the violence in our streets? If the officials of a particular state requested it he would send in the National Guard or deputize law enforcement. Portland,Oregon was on fire every other day and Mayor Ted Wheeler refused to pick up the phone and request help. What we learned about the President is that he wouldn’t step in unless he was asked. He respected the authority of local officials and wouldn’t use the weight of the office to interfere.

i know he wanted to but never went that far. The characterization was way off. i knew it was from day one or i would never have voted for him. He was just a guy that liked to get things done. Trump was a results oreintated person. Big government is anything but that. Corrupt government is worse. I know Trump wanted to get it tamped down. He kept offering. He showed a lot of restraint by waiting on a call.

Fast forward; Trump was robbed of a 2nd term by a corrupt party that would do anything to get him out of office.IMHO a 2nd term that he earned. The corrupt Democrat party managed to steal the White House and grabbed 2 seats they absolutely needed in Georgia. Now they have all the power they could hope for; of course no amount of power will ever be enough to satisfy them.

As of the day of the Capitol break in Trump was permenantly banned from Twitter and Facebook. Rush Limbaugh was throttled on hs podcast. Twitter is on a roll this week. i was suspendended.People are losing their followers en masse. Dan Bongino had bought a share of parler and now he’s left Twitter for Parler by his own choice.He still has his you tube channel but he also bought into a share of Rumbler. He uploads the same shows at Rumble. Mark Levin left Facebook on his own because of the censorship he experienced. He’s at Parler as well. i had signed up for a Parler account long before CEO jack Dorsey got this crazy.Senator Josh Hawley[Republican,state of Missouri] had his new book cancelled by his own publsher Simon and Schuster. The sad part is i’ve only mentioned a portion of the crack down on conservative/Trump sites. They’re piling up.

“In a statement issued via tweet Thursday evening, Simon & Schuster said it was canceling publication of the book, The Tyranny of Big Tech…”

The irony of the cancellation is probably lost on the publisher.

Pelosi was calling on VP Mike Pence to iovoke the 25th Amendment on Trump threatening impeachment if he didn’t. The woman has issues. Serious ones. Recall her being the first Speaker to ever rip up a Presidential State of the Union Address and withold a stimulus bill simply because it mght help Donald Trump get re-elected. The bill would have helped the average citizen weather the difficulties they face due to the Covid lockdown but that didn’t stop her. It was more important to hurt Trump than help Americans. She really does have some serious issues.

Now i hear that Google is going to shut down Parler.What happens next? Everyone fed up with the practices at Twitter has been going there. The Trump ban has accelerated the exodus. Dan bongino reports his app has been doing very well in the app store. Bongino is a strong Trump supporter so I’m sure between that and the competition he’s giving other social platforms Google felt compelled to shut it down.

When you add all this up, from the sanctioned violence to the censorship of conservative sites [particularly if they’re Trump supporters], it looks incredibly similar to tryanny. They have taken the mask off and revealed themselves to be the tyrants they accused Trump of being. i noticed how the left on Twitter was actually gloating about it. I can’t ‘tweet’ or reply due the suspension but i can read the page. One guy was commenting how all this would make America Great Again- a reference to Pres Trump’s slogan aka MAGA. He can’t see that attacking the first amendment doesn’t make America great at all? That is scary.The left is clueless but they won’t be clueless for long. Once Biden and Harris are sworn in it’s going to be a real picnic and i don’t mean with ants,games and food. Sooner or later the tyrants will come for them . They’ll wish Donald Trump had been sworn in on Jan 20th,2021.

I’m not going to give the Republicans a pass for their questionable reactions. Donald Trump will be leaving the White House as soon as Biden is sworn in. Imagine he could leave sooner if he wanted to. He may want to.I wouldn’t want to bump into the loser either.The Republicans are doing what politicians typically do and that is positioning themselves for a future run.Regardless of the situation they look out for their own self interest. Some threw Trump under the bus in all of two seconds after he lost.Others waited until they had some cover.

i’m done with them and switching to independent. I will vote for Donald Trump should he run again in 2024.i have no doubt in my mind about that. The rest are just doing the usual. Most of the Republicans are spineless worms anyway. We found out how spineless they are this week.

Trump never intended to stay in the White House a day longer than his term;either the first or second.Biden may end up being the one they have to drag out of there. Remember i said that,k?

Trump was no tyrant. A force of nature? You bet and the greatest President of my lifetime. i genuinely came to love the man. Better stop or i’ll cry. Many of us of love the man.Other Trump supporters respect him a great deal. Meet us here

SIDE NOTE RE CAPITOL BLDG INCIDENT: if Trump had wanted to incite a riot there was a massive enough crowd to really do some damage. I’m going to write a blog entry re the incident. i want to get more info first.