Pres Trump Won 2020 In A Landslide

We know he did. They* know he did. Biden might even know he did although i’m not sure Biden has any real awareness of anything most of the time.

Some of the Trump supporters are despondent and ready to move on. Others are looking towards 2024 and Trump running again-count me in that group. There’s Trump supporters convinced he will be rightfully taking his place on Jan 20th. Hey,i wish.Be fine with me. Anyway,there’s different groups and some who have totally abandoned Trump. Count me out of that group. The entry here is going to be for every single group of the Trump Maga Movement,wether you’re previous,present or future,k?

I’ll begin now by stating the obvious. We do not elect gods/godesses. We elect human beings who live in an imperfect world. Pres Trump is a human being living in an imperfect world. We do not control all circumstances so all we can do is our best in spite of it and TRY to make the best judgement calls we can make.We did elect one of the greatest Presidents of my lifetime,probably yours. Trump lived in a slice of the world,that many of us thankfully do not, that came to be known as the swamp. It’s deep and it’s wide. It is deeper and wider than any of us,including Pres Trump, thought.It had years to gain power long before Donald J. Trump became President. Let’s be honest. If you’re going to take on the swamp like Trump did you may as well plan on taking it on alone. Outside of his base there were few on his side;look at the people we thought were on his side. They’re politicians and even some of the better ones can be serving their own self interest.Trump started with just 4 yrs. to consolidate his own power in DC against people who had power for far too many years. A monumental task for him. I believe in the next 4 yrs, from 2020 to 2024, he was probably more likely to get a better foothold. I’m talking about getting a foothold against the establishment Republicans, a levithan that is known as the bureacracy and what we now know as the Deep State. We’re not even counting in the battle against the corrupt Democrats.Oh how corrupt they are and on their side are the establishment Republicans. i bet Trump was taken aback on how bad things had gotten. Trump believed in America and placed his trust in its institutions like we all did.

We can all say Trump should have done this and he didn’t do that.I’ve had that same thought a number of times myself.I get it. It may have made a difference.More than a few times my hair was on fire. That said,i go back to my original posit. Trump is a human being in an imperfect world living in a slice of it known as the swamp. Look at what he actually managed to accomplish in just 4 yrs under those circumstances. We could look at where he came up short on some things but it wasn’t due to lack of effort. i don’t think it pays for us to focus our attention there. We can admit it to ourselves but it’s not helpful to our cause if we dwell on it. His enemies do enough of that and we don’t need to help them out.Besides,when it comes to the Dems they circle the wagons for their own no matter what. Their candidates can be as corrupt as hell and they look the other way. For Pete’s sake Hillary and the DNC rigged their own primary against Bernie Sanders and he said okie dokie i’ll take the fall. Trump even warned Bernie it was rigged. Bernie,sad to say,slapped his own supporters in the face just to take the fall for Hillary. Don’t get me wrong;he got his reward in return.

Trump really did accomplish so much for our America First agenda and his 2nd term would have been even more amazing. i feel that in my bones and many of you do too.We have a right to be proud of him. Dis the backstabbers but let’s try to get through to those who are weak in the knees since the unexpected outcome we’re facing now. Yes,there’s some who always jumped fence at the first sign of trouble and some who are ready to jump fence now. They didn’t get the memo about a human being living in an imperfect world.

Where are we now; that would be the main question. The Democrats did everything they could to pull off a coup against Trump in 2016 with some assist from establishment Republicans. Trump spent his whole first term fighting it off and enacting the America First agenda at the same time. They failed, thank God, and thank his base who stood by him. These corrupt evil Democrats made up their minds they wouldn’t let it happen again in 2020. They knew they had to do better than they did in 2016. The best way to accomplish this(probably the only way),ELECTION FRAUD.Biden was a horrible candidate but he’s also very corrupt making him their perfect candidate for the crime. Long story short,Biden did not win. Trump won in a landslide. This is not delusional thinking or a conspiracy theory.

I’ll be honest;if Biden had legitmately won i wouldn’t like it but this is the United States and what sets us apart from many other nations is the peaceful transfer of power. Given how much power there is,it’s remarkable that it is peaceful. We pride ourselves on that and we should. The problem now is that Biden didn’t legitmately win. He was certified and declared the winner by Congress on Jan 6 but certified and legit are 2 different things with this election. We do not have to accept his election. We have no choice but accept he was certified. We do not have to accept that he won because he didn’t. There have been past Presidents that i did not vote for who won. We recognize them as President no matter how disappointed we are. We just hope our candidate can win in the next round. We’re not dealing with the same situation in 2020. They STOLE a legitimate win by Trump. They didn’t expect he would win in a huge landslide. They definitely corrupted the election but they didn’t see this coming. They actually had to scramble in some polling stations to get around it. Their basic plans were all in place of course and aided with the unfortunate Covid 19 pandemic they could really get it done. They managed to get around his landslide too. I’m thinking that could have gone either way-they could have failed but obviously they didn’t.

Now the other side and the establishment Republicans call it a conspiracy theory or they say yes their was fraud but not enough to overcome Biden’s huge win. :They try to paint Trump as a sore loser or as the narrative is going recently, they say it’s sedition because he didn’t accept the outcome. Some on our side are despondent thinking Trump simply quit fighting. They may even abandon him over it. The terrible truth is he was backed into a corner with no way out of it. i’m sorry to have to say that. He fought down to the last second. The day of the Save America rally on Jan 6 was a part of that fight whether you are aware of it or not. It wasn’t just another Trump rally. It was aptly named Save America. I’m not going to write about the violence that ensued at the Capitol Building here. It was not part of the Save America rally or planned by Trump.I don’t intend to ignore it. I just don’t intend to focus on it in this entry. We can do that another day and will.

We learned a lot when Congress took the vote. The traitors revealed themselves. Democrat and Republican traitors. It’s exactly what they are. Put yourselves in Trump’s shoes that day. Think about that to the depths of your soul.

Where is Trump now meaning where are we now knowing they cheated and Trump was the winner;the legitimately elected President. Two words. Fight on!

* They meaning the Dems, their media arm plus their militant troops.Yes,it’s THEIR media.It is their propaganda arm & serves at their pleasure. The worst part is they’re not even forced with the threat of imprisonment/execution or co-erced by intimidation. They voluntarily give the party their services. Anotherwords,corruption. The militant troops are Antifa,BLM and any anarchist/leftist groups[USEFUL IDIOTS] willing to take to the streets when needed. The Dems use plausible deniability as cover.