Ted Cruz is Right. Please,beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

there are people out there who are not helpful to Pres Trump and our cause at all.They’re taking away from the credibility of our valuable and real charge of election fraud. It’s a distraction and we’re going to lose the focus we need.On top of that why would anyone encourage you to sit out the Georgia run off and ALLOW the Democrats to win crucial Senate seats. Unless you like the sound of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer please vote. Of course the Dems will try to cheat again. We need overwhelming numbers to overcome it if we can. Vote and fight another day if we have to.Stay focused people. Do not make this about other people. If we have to argue about others we’re not on the right track.We’re fighting for Trump,our vote, a legitimate election and our country! VP Pence is a good man.Pres Trump has demonstrated time and time again he has faith in the VP. Why is anyone maligning the good rep of Pence and doing it without proof!

Now for what Senator Cruz had to say.