How the Trump Admin Handled the Covid Crisis

My husband Gary and I were getting ready to go to the Cleveland Clinic when we first heard about the Coronavirus. We knew it was contagious but we weren’t particularly concerned. We took the uber to our nearest city to catch the Amtrak to Cleveland. We had reserved a hotel room located probably 15 min from the Main Campus. The train station in Cleveland was probably located 15 min from the hotel-they had a free shuttle service to the Campus.

So you can surmise we weren’t especially worried. The shuttle drove a fair number of passengers to the Campus which is huge and was very active. I saw just 1 person with a mask on and didn’t give it any thought. i assumed he was concerned and decided to use the extra precaution. We had left for Cleveland at 3:30 in the morning, got to the hotel and had to be at the Clinic for his 1st appointment at 9:00 a.m. meaning we didn’t get a lot of sleep on the train or at the hotel. We had napped all day at home so we would be ready for the uber & rested for the trip. The appointments ran all day. We went back to the hotel around 8 p.m.. Then we had to be back at the train station at 5:00 a.m. to head home. All you have to do is mention the trip & my husband complains about it but he doesn’t get how lucky we were to have such great logistics. :Unfortunately the prices were higher because had no choice but to book at the last minute. I digress but look at our behavior at that time and how that 1 person seemed to know something we didn’t. We had social contact, used public transportation, a hotel room, crossed a state line, finally ending up at a hospital of all places all without a mask. We were meticulous about handwashing but that was our habit before we knew it would be recommended for a virus. When we got home that’s when the news was starting to filter out. Good thing we went when we did. After consultation we decided he would get the open heart surgery on his mitral valve later in the year-just not too late.

As of January 30, 2020, a total of 9976 cases had been reported in at least 21 countries,7 including the first confirmed case of 2019-nCoV infection in the United States, reported on January 20, 2020.

Our report of the first confirmed case of 2019-nCoV in the United States illustrates several aspects of this emerging outbreak that are not yet fully understood, including transmission dynamics and the full spectrum of clinical illness. Our case patient had traveled to Wuhan, China, but reported that he had not visited the wholesale seafood market or health care facilities or had any sick contacts during his stay in Wuhan. Although the source of his 2019-nCoV infection is unknown, evidence of person-to-person transmission has been published. Through January 30, 2020, no secondary cases of 2019-nCoV related to this case have been identified, but monitoring of close contacts continues.

China and the WHO were putting on a happy face. We knew very little about this Covid 19 virus.Here is a partial timeline from Newsweek magazine written by BY MEGHAN ROOS ON 1/21/21 covering the first critical weeks in the U.S.

February 2, 2020: A travel ban former President Donald Trump announced on January 31 went into effect for individuals traveling to the U.S. from China. Americans who were visiting China at the time of Trump’s proclamation were required to quarantine after returning home.

February 29, 2020: The CDC confirmed the country’s first COVID-19-related death in a virus patient in Washington state. The agency identified the patient as a man in his 50s.

March 11, 2020: Trump announced an expansion of the travel ban that went into effect in early February to include several European countries. The temporary ban went into effect on March 13.

March 13, 2020: Trump declared a national emergency in connection with the virus, which the WHO classified as a pandemic on March 11. On January 31, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said the threat of the virus constituted a public health emergency. Trump referenced the HHS’ public health emergency declaration in his proclamation, which granted the head of the HHS emergency authority to temporarily waive requirements for specific insurance programs, including Medicare and Medicaid.

We knew very little about the virus at the time but thank God Pres Trump had the foresight to make the right call in spite of all the criticism. On March 18,2020 Fox news reported that Pres Trump was invoking the Defense Production Act.

  • Companies are required to accept and prioritize contracts from the government and to prioritize “materials, services, and facilities to promote the national defense or to maximize domestic energy supplies.” While this provision has historically been used to ramp up military production, in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic the act will be used for medical supplies.
  • The second provision in the act provides financial measures, such as loans, loan guarantees, purchases, and purchase commitments, to speed up the production of materials “needed to support national defense and homeland security procurement requirements.”
  • The act also addresses voluntary agreements – or what the government says is “an association of private interests, approved by the Government to plan and coordinate actions in support of the national defense.” The proviso permits business competitors to work together to plan and coordinate measures to increase the supply of materials.

Reported on Mar 29,2020 Trump ordered two Naval Hospital Ships to be deployed to assist in NY and California.

“The USNS Mercy docked in Los Angeles on Friday and USNS Comfort will arrive in Manhattan on Monday to provide extra beds for non-Covid-19 cases, as pandemic patients swarm land-based hospitals on both U.S. coasts.

New York is particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 29,000 confirmed cases as of Saturday.

Built in the 1980s, the twin vessels are converted supertankers, stretching to 894 feet—the length of three football fields. They each can provide 1,000 beds, 12 operating rooms, intensive care units, a CT scanner, blood banks, full-serve pharmacies and physical-therapy facilities.

Each accommodates more than 1,000 medical staff and crew, assigned from existing naval hospitals.”

Trump did everything humanly possible he could do to save as many lives as possible. The problem was when the virus first hit nobody knew squat. To this day we’re STILL learning about the virus. Unfortunately as a precaution he had to shut down the economy and it was going on all cylinders. Two things Pres Trump absolutely had to do at the time. 1. take drastic measures ie shutting down our booming economy but keep open the essentials that people absolutely had to have. 2. get the seriousness of the virus across to the American people WITHOUT causing widespread panic. It wasn’t an easy task; how on earth do you take a drastic measure like shutting down the economy, convince the American people the virus is serious but keep them from going into a panic at the same time?

We were asked to work at “flattening the curve” This action was never meant to stop the virus; the cat was already out of that bag. The action was meant to keep the health care system,especially hospitals, from being overwhelmed. That would have been a secondary disaster.

Eventually Trump said we had to reopen the economy/schools or as he put it

What we know about Covid-19 and the development of herd immunity. An excellent article from the Mayo Clinic.

Herd immunity and COVID-19 (coronavirus): What you need to know

Understand what’s known about herd immunity and what it means for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Curious as to whether herd immunity against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) might slow the spread of the disease? Understand how herd immunity works and what experts are saying about its potential impact on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do we know more about Covid 19 now than we did in 2020? Absolutely. Do we know enough? Not yet. Who was responsible for this killer virus and subsequent pandemic? The CCP in China and to some extent the WHO organization that lied for them.

Dr Michael Hansen is my go to for information about Covid 19. He’s an ICU Dr who has treated patients with Covid-19. His information is credible, basic and easy to understand.

(985) Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World – Full Video – YouTube

Yep,Mr. Sowell,they gave us racial equality. Now black youth is indoctrinated with the same crap as their white counterparts. They’re getting the same crappy education as well as the same crappy ideology.We killed a whole generation of children with abortion. They are a generation gone forever as well as the generation we lost that would have been THEIR grandchildren. The children that escaped the genocide by abortion are being destroyed intellectually and spiritually.


the climate has been changing for BILLIONS of years. The Chinese & Russians could destroy us with an EMP attack and the imbecile is worried about the climate. Worse-now the Pentagon has gone down the faux liberal rabbit hole. God help us! Can we trust any of our government institutions? YEP, jumped the shark.

Know Darned Well Biden Didn’t Win

NOTE: The propaganda media worked at convincing the public that Trump was not a legit President; that he was either a Russian agent or put into office by Putin himself even AFTER the Russia Hoax was revealed. It was real, right? The election of 2020 was stolen right before our eyes with proof positive and the propaganda media keeps gaslighting the public into believing that’s a conspiracy theory. You trust a media that lied to the public for 4 yrs because THEY wanted Trump out of office? Time for a reality check. We have to have free, fair and legitimate elections for the sake of ALL Americans. For the sake of our Republic. It’s not possible with a propaganda media that helped Biden cheat. It’s not possible when the Democrat party wants power that badly.We were the Kennedy Democrats. It’s not that party anymore.

Democrat lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill dubbed the “Vote at Home Act,” which seeks to “massively expand vote-at-home ballot access,” enacting automatic voter registration and providing voters with pre-paid ballot envelopes.Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) introduced the bill (pdf), saying in a press release that the legislation is meant to “fight voter suppression.”

It’s meant to fight voter suppression; question,sir,what voter suppression?Nobody was even claiming the Democrat voters were having their vote suppressed. What you really mean is you’re setting up the election so you can commit fraud again and win. Nobody finds it odd they would want to make all these bizarre moves legal when everyone knows they make fraud more likely? i was sitting here last night thinking about the 2020 election, since it is still fresh in memory. and the first thought i had was there was no way on God’s green earth Biden won the election.

Biden never really campaigned. He barely left his residence. He didn’t do any pressers to speak of. He held a handful of events and the attendance was so poor they were hardly covered. The staff was always putting a lid on the so called ‘campaign’,probably for fear he’d ramble on with nonsense like he frequently did or the small crowds would give away his lack of support,or BOTH. He didn’t do all that well in his own primary. He wasn’t that bright, but he was definitely corrupt. Maybe that’s why he was their ideal candidate. They were also able to pass him off as a centrist too. Now the mask is off. He’s either that malleable or he’s not really a centrist. It’s hard to tell.

There is normally some fraud in elections. People who get caught are charged. It happens in every election but the fraud is so small it doesn’t matter all that much. The victor usually gets enough votes to overcome any miniscule fraud-counting only the legal votes doesn’t affect the outcome. However,this election wasn’t your typical election. There were states that went around their own election laws and violated the Constitution. The fraud occurred in areas with a reputation for corruption. Another words there wasn’t massive fraud across all 50 states but there didn’t need to be. You could pull it off in just the critical states and give the election to Biden. It’s EXACTLY why the Democrats wants to pass the Vote At Home Act. The act is a beauty. It makes fraud even more likely and widespread. You don’t think they cheated to give Biden the election? You would have to be willfully ignorant to come up with that conclusion. I love how they censor and censure anyone who even questions the election results or wants an investigation. Nope,can’t do that but when it came to the Russia Hoax they fanangled their way into a special counsel that knew it was a hoax.The special counsel went on for the greater part of Trump’s first term. Did the media retract and cover the biggest scandal in modern U.S. history? Nope. You tell me they wouldn’t provide cover for Biden’s election steal.

We all remember the night of the Nov 3rd election when we saw the Trump landslide right before our eyes and we were almost ready to celebrate. The margin between Biden and Trump was HUGE. We knew without question the Trump re-election was just hours away. I’m willing to bet people were calling into the Trump campaign with congratulations. Then something very peculiar happened. Something we had NEVER seen in an election before.

An election night comment from a viewer watching on you tube

Mail in ballots should have been counted as soon as they came in and the results of those ballots should have been displayed on election night. The next morning we should have announced a president. This is dangerous.

i’ve mentioned the 4 critical states in several blog entries but i’ll mention them again for first time readers.They are Pennsylvania,Georgia,Michigan,Wisconsin. It’s those 4 critical states where the election laws were circumvented. Pennsylvania CLEARLY violated the Constitution! The voting stopped under suspicious circumstances. The margin was so huge it would have taken additional counting time to make up the difference. It would have taken Biden’s winning in those 4 critical and highly suspicious states to clinch the necessary electoral votes. California-the state with the largest population[most electoral votes]had already called their results for Biden while these other states with a smaller population weren’t even close. Anyone with a brain would wonder if California could get it done why is there a hold up in these other 4 less populated states?

There were states with clear cut results showing Biden won-no question and Trump won-no question. It was only a handful of states at the tail end as the Trump landslide was becoming obvious that the outcome was thrown up into the air. Trump was warned not to give a victory speech before all the results were in,even if it looked like a victory. It did. However,word suddenly came across the media that Biden was going to shortly make an announcement.

Puzzling. What the heck is this about? Biden came out and made an announcement basically insinuating his victory was just around the corner. It was subtle. After that Trump had no choice,as i saw it ,to come out and make his own announcement shy of a victory speech.

So the Democrats want to pass a law to make sure they can steal future elections? Let’s be honest here. This law is proof in itself the 2020 election was stolen right before our eyes. You do it again because you pulled it off the first time.Biden is not a legitimate President.Period.I didn’t think i’d live to see the day we’d be this foolish.

White House Prepares to Help Iran Get the Bomb

Critics of Barack Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran are preparing for the same fight now that Joe Biden has made it clear he intends to re-enter the deal from which Donald Trump withdrew. And because the last president showed that Obama’s foreign policy legacy was vulnerable to the vicissitudes of American politics, the Biden team will likely rush to get Iran the bomb as soon as possible.Iran hawks are concerned about the latest prospective Biden appointment thought to be too sympathetic to the Islamic Republic. Robert Malley is a 57-year-old lawyer, author, and head of the International Crisis Group who served in the Bill Clinton administration and joined the Obama White House in its second term. He played an important role in the negotiations that led to the July 2015 deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Now he’s said to be in line for the job of Iran envoy.Iran deal opponents, including Republican senators and congressmen, former Trump officials, and Middle East analysts, compare Malley unfavorably to Biden appointees like incoming Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who says he wants a “longer and stronger” deal with Tehran, and national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who enjoys a reputation as a moderate Democrat who engages with moderate Republicans. They say that Blinken and Sullivan agree that the JCPOA needs to be fixed. Compared to them, on this view, Malley is a hardliner.The template should sound familiar. It’s the same one that Western policymakers who seek accommodation with Iran use to describe the terror regime in Tehran. There are hardliners and moderates, and we need to engage the latter to marginalize the former.But the hardliner-moderate paradigm sheds no more light on the workings of the new Biden administration than it does on the Islamic Republic of Iran. The White House is staffed not to fix the JCPOA but to take it as it is, which is why it’s loaded with Obama officials who, like Malley, were part of securing the original agreement. Blinken, for instance, was Secretary of State John Kerry’s deputy when the deal was struck in July 2015. Blinken’s new deputy, Wendy Sherman, was the Obama team’s lead negotiator on Iran talks. Brett McGurk, who led the effort to send $1.7 billion in cash to Iran in the winter of 2015–2016, leads the White House’s Middle East desk.Perhaps the most important staffing decision that Biden made regarding Iran policy was naming retired State Department official William Burns as director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In 2013, he and Sullivan opened up a secret channel with Tehran that led to the JCPOA. His nomination as spy chief signaled to the Iranians that someone they trusted was holding a file of vital interest to them. Under the Trump administration, the CIA waged an aggressive campaign targeting regime pillars, like head of the Revolutionary Guards’ expeditionary force Qassem Soleimani, killed in a drone strike last January. You can’t make a deal with a terror state if the CIA is killing its top terrorists, and appointing Burns tells the Iranians that the agency’s campaign against them is over.The Biden White House is not looking to get a better deal with Iran this time around for the same reason the same policymakers did not get a better deal when they were working for Obama. The only difference now is the six-year-long trail of lies that Obama–Biden officials have seeded through the press, from the Iran deal echo chamber to Russia collusion and most recently the “domestic terror” threat posed by the more than 74 million Americans who didn’t vote for Biden. To single out one Biden deputy as too pro-Iran is to ignore not only the character of the administration but the purpose of the Iran deal.The JCPOA was never intended to stop Iran from getting the bomb—if it were, it wouldn’t contain “sunset” clauses restricting Iran’s nuclear and non-nuclear activities that are due to expire over the next decade. The point rather was to put Iran’s program under the protection of an international agreement sanctioned by Washington, and give the regime access to the money and technology it needed to build its nuclear weapons program so that by the time the sunset clauses ran out, the regime’s bomb would be legal. Obama was arming his new ally.What distinguishes Malley from the rest of the new White House’s Iran team is simply that he understood from the beginning that the JCPOA was never really an arms agreement. Rather, it was the mechanism with which Obama realigned U.S. interests in the Middle East, tilting against traditional regional partners like Israel and Saudi Arabia and toward the Islamic Republic.It should be easier six years after the JCPOA to understand why Obama wanted to realign U.S. interests with Iran’s. Like Trump, he wanted to withdraw from the Middle East. But unlike his successor, he didn’t believe that Israel, Saudi Arabia, and NATO member Turkey were capable of stabilizing the region in the absence

Source: White House Prepares to Help Iran Get the Bomb