“Do the Right Thing”

VOTE COUNTING DELAY. Sorry,a pipe burst in Georgia. Sorry,a pipe did NOT burst in Georgia.

“They went home to rest”

Listen to Glenn. It’s absolutely chilling. He was spot on.

Go back and look at the states that weren’t called the night of Nov 3 either because the voting was shut down or had to be extended. ALL Democrat,ALL critical and SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Look at the state of California election night. The polls closed and the election was called. California, with its huge population,had the results called for Biden that night.

Now you know why Hillary told Joe not to concede under any circumstances. IF Trump were winning-and he was-she wanted to be sure they had the extra time to fix the election and they didn’t want Joe to concede before that. Further if their cheating failed, for whatever reason, bet they had a back up plan;either way, that’s why they didn’t want Joe to concede under any circumstances.

This is a bigger fraud played on the American people than their phony Russia Hoax for 3 yrs. They will lie,cheat and steal for power.

Remember,these are same people who perpetrated the Russia hoax,spied on American citizens,lied to a fisa court,leaked classified information, set up a 3 yr investigation into a crime they KNEW was never committed and lied directly to the American ppl so they could defeat a political opponent and take down a legitimately elected President of the United States(coup). It begs the question;what WOULDN’T they do to get Trump out of office.