Covid-19. The Invisible Enemy Sent By China. (where we’re at now).

there’s 2 camps diametrically opposed re the Noveau Coronavirus.One says that is no deadlier than the flu.Some even claim it’s a hoax. The other side-liberal- say we ought to go into lockdown idefiinitely,wear a mask when there’s nobody even close and would insist we wear armor if they could.One is rebelling against any and all restrictions. The other wishes we were all required to don a hermetically sealed bubble.

So let’s talk about this virus unleashed on us from China. I still suspect it was deliberate(OPINION ONLY);at the least they lied,covered up and caused the world wide pandemic.They even had the WHO deceive everyone,world leaders included, convincing them there wasn’t a problem.

It was the cause of much disinformation and confusion at first.Wear a mask,don’t wear a mask. Quarantine,don’t quarantine. When the truth finally hit home there was a lot of catching up to do. The biggest questions were what are we dealing with here and how to deal with it.

  1. the virus is real and by definition it’s a pandemic.
  2. we knew next to nothing when it first reached the United States and we still know very little now. We know way more than we did,but much is still very mysterious.
  3. Thankfully, Pres Trump put a travel ban on China in place even while Congress was trying to impeach him. He was called racist & xenophobic. He didn’t flinch. I sometimes wonder if the virus hadn’t already hit our shores, without our knowledge, before he put the ban in place(OPINION ONLY).
  4. Covid 19 is highly contagious. The new variant is even more contagious but it is not anymore deadly than the first.This is what they know to date.
  5. There are anomolies. We thought that younger people in good health would most likely survive the virus. Then we see a young healthy person die rapidly after being infected. We thought young people wouldn’t catch it or get very ill. We’ve heard of young people becoming very ill and even dying from it.

the Death Rate from Covid (WARNING:STRONG LANGUAGE)

Covid-19 & the Cytokine Storm

6. The virus was not Trump’s fault. It’s very disconcerting when i read tweets attacking Pres Trump,blaming him for the virus and consequent deaths, ignoring the CCP in China who are DIRECTLY responsible. When you’d rather blame our own U.S. President instead of the brutal communist regime in China someone has a problem. Pres Trump did everything humanly possible to address the disease.i won’t go into all the steps[now]that he took. He was right on top of it from the beginning.If you doubt this,tell me.

7. When the danger of the virus became very clear Pres Trump shut down the economy except for essentials.This had to be a difficult decision given his policies were having such a positive impact on our economy;he was hitting historic numbers and we had full employment.It was also an election year making his decision even more drastic. We didn’t know much about Covid at the time other than it was a pandemic,deadly and highly contagious. Two things the Pres had to avoid doing. The first was to impress on the American people how serious it was WITHOUT creating a panic and making the situation worse. The other was to keep the essentials going so we wouldn’t have additional dire consequences ie economic collapse,major shortages of products like food,medicine etc. Remember the mantra about flattening the curve? The object was never to annihilatethe virus;impossible. It was to keep the numbers down so the hospitals would not be overwhelmed.

I’m not going to get into the weeds re Covid 19. All i’ve posted here is what we know with certainty.There is more information out there but until i’m fairly certain it’s accurate and i can understand it i am not going to bring it up. i suggest wearing a mask when necessary,keep a distance when possible, practice good hygeine such as the handwashing that was recommended-something we should be doing anyway. It can curb the spread of other infectious diseases as well. I’m hoping we can take simple common sense precautions and get our local businesses open. I do not recommend turning into mask nazi’s. If you see anyone who is not wearing a mask just practice social distancing. i’ve seen people get right into other people’s faces screaming their heads off. Defeats the purpose of even wearing a mask doesn’t it? You want to wear one it’s your pregogative and if they don’t,it’s theirs. Most Dr offices and hospitals REQUIRE it and that’s understandable.Stay home if you’re ill and self quarantine if you suspect you have covid. Look into getting tested. If the symptoms are severe contact your family doctor and/or go to your local ER. People who don’t have covid can believe it’s a hoax and people who have had it [or know someone who does] think differently.

When enough people have had one of the new vaccines maybe we can establish herd immunity.

Here’s hoping 2021 will be a better year.