It’s Simple. @JoeBiden didn’t win. They cheated

i’ll be honest and admit i didn’t vote for Obama. Didn’t care for him but then i didn’t care for McCain either. Then Obama ran for re-election and he beat Romney. The GOP had 2 lousy candidates,Obama was a better campaigner,we had ppl you had to plug your nose to vote for.Obama had the black vote sewed up and enthusiastic supporters;i may not have liked him but it’s obvious plenty of people did. He won fair and square. Whatever else you may think about his policies you can’t question his free and fair election.

Thank God we didn’t have to go through the hanging chad ordeal again. His win was decisive.

Here we are in 2020 with a whole different set of circumstances. A terrible set of circumstances.

In order to take a good look at the 2020 election,you have to take an in depth look at the 2016 election of Donald Trump. We didn’t know it at the time but the Obama-Biden admin was spying on the Trump campaign and getting ready to set him up in case he got elected.

He got elected and the Russia Hoax [in earnest] began with the full co-operation of corporate media.

They were in on it. Co-conspirators if you will. Their role was to make sure the hoax was leaked and the public convinced it really happened. The goal; delegitimize Trump as a candidate and President. The role of the intel community was to take him out whatever it took.

We know that because they were willing to commit felonies and to lie to the American ppl, Congress and the FISA Court.

They framed General Flynn,Carter Page,George Papadoplous,Roger Stone & Paul Manafort .IF you were even remotely associated with Trump you could be a target. The main target was always Trump though.It’s no small matter that Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier to be used by the Intel community but there were plenty of rats everywhere trying to pull off this coup. I’ll skip all the nasty details of Obamagate and get right to the crux of the topic,the 2020 steal. I hope you know most of the Obamagate details. If you don’t i suggest you educate yourself. The information is out there if you want it.

God knows,the media did a fantastic job of gaslighting some of the public and covering up whatever they could get away with. There are still too many ppl in the dark who think Trump was a puppet of Putin.

This begs the question for the 2020 election, given what they did during the 2016 election, what WOULDN’T they do to defeat President Trump.

So let’s take a look at the 2020 election. Just the facts.

Biden didn’t campaign. He used the Covid virus for cover.

Biden didn’t get more than a smattering of ppl for his events,when they actually took off the lid. i could count more times they put on a lid than they took off.

He took no questions from the press to speak of, mostly because he would often go into unintelligible ramblings not even the liberal press could make sense of. They never questioned it.

There was no enthusiasm for his candidacy and then he picked a candidate for VP that had dropped out of the primary for lack of support.

To sum up;he didn’t campaign,he didn’t hold pressers,he garnered no enthusiasm,had no crowds and picked the worst candidate he could for VP. He did ok in the first debate with a helpful moderator and got killed in the 2nd one if you consider that moderator covered for him too. Let’s suppose he won both debates or at least did no real damage to himself, all the other factors held true.

Meantime the Democrats told us exactly what they intended to do. They telegraphed election chaos and flat out said there might not be a clear cut winner election day. How could they have known that? None of us knew that-most people were uncertain.

There were certain states that ILLEGALLY changed election laws.They cited Covid as the excuse.

Some of those law changes permitted ballots to be turned in DAYS after the general election was held.

If you voted in person you had to vote no later than Nov 3 . There were no extensions.

The Republican poll watchers were excluded in some stations. That’s straight up llegal. IF they were allowed in the station they were located too far away to observe anything.

This is not the worst of it though.

You were sitting there watching the returns on election night when Fox News suddenly and prematurely called Arizona for Biden. What was to follow next put all the other shenanigans to shame.

When we went to bed that night Trump was winning but were told the counting in the critical states would not be done. We woke up the next day to see more counting-now it’s Nov 4.

California-a state with one of THE largest populations-had closed polls,the vote counted and Biden given the electoral votes for California. Yet. these following states weren’t even close. Georgia dreamed up their own beauty.

Here’s what we learned about Georgia;There was no water break. The poll watchers were sent home.Video from testimony shows at least 4 unsupervised people handling ballots.

BTW. i don’t recall the word suitcases being used in the hearing.No idea where that narrative came from.

We had heard about the Red Mirage from the Democrats;meaning it would look like Trump was winning at first but that would be a mirage. Don’t believe your eyes anotherwords.

The odd part of this so called Red Mirage is that the Republicans had some incredible wins down ballot-it was more like the blue mirage-yet the so called red mirage was limited to the Presidency. The remarkable outcome of this election was the huge Biden win. He got the most votes of any candidate in history and outdid Obama.

So let’s take a look at this incredible win.

i think this is called fuzzy math.

Here’s the most plausible theory and given the crimes they were willing to commit in 2016 it’s not a stretch.

They were counting the votes up until Trump had a clear margin of victory. Meantime they had the election set up in certain cities-corrupt Democrat cities no less-to favor cheating so that they could make up the difference in votes. They were planning it anyway but never expected Trump’s win to be so huge that they had more votes to make up than anticipated.They keep counting and dig up the votes they needed. Unfortunately they gave Biden too large a victory. There’s no way on earth he got more votes than votes that could actually be cast. It doesn’t add up at all.

People say they didn’t actually stop counting votes at 10:00 pm. Well,something happened that they didn’t have the results and Georgia had already drummed up an excuse;or as we found out later a LIE.The Trump supporters i spoke to would have crawled over broken glass to vote for Trump and even Biden’s threat of riots didn’t sway them one bit.

SOLUTION. Audit the vote,check the machines, consider the affadavits alleging election fraud. If it was all on the up and up what’s the problem? If there’s transparency that would put an end to the question mark over this election. What do they have to hide? IF they can prove Biden won and Trump lost don’t you think they’d be all for it? I wouldn’t like it but i could at least accept it the same way i did Obama’s. Most people can handle losing if it’s fair and square. The election of the President is just too imporant than to expect anything less than it being free and fair. Rule no 1. You follow the Constitution.

Tomorrow we’re going to take a look at the media role both in Obamagate and the 2020 election. Word:don’t gaslight me baby.😠😡