The Democrats Would Never Rig the Election

The Chinese virus hit our shores. The pandemic was well under way traveling the globe with speed and purpose. Yes,it is a pandemic. When a virus like this makes its way around the world and hits over 100 countries in a relatively short period of time it’s definitely a pandemic;not a hoax.

When it first hit the U.S. Pres Trump banned all travel from China. We really had no idea what we were dealing with. He shut down the economy except for essential workers. A drastic measure he was reluctant to take-the economy was booming under his policies-but given the lack of knowledge about Covid 19 there weren’t too many options.

First we heard it originated in a bat purchased by a Chinese civilian at a Wuhan wet market. I will give you the wet markets need shut down but i also thought the bat story was highly suspect. i’m sure this wasn’t the first bat that ever made its way to the Wuhan Market . I’m also sure these bats had been around for a long period of time before they even made it to a market. NOW it had broken out into a deadly virus?

When that rumor was put to rest,the next theory to make its way around the internet was that it had accidentally escaped from a lab located not far from the Wuhan market.

My own theory is that there was no accidental escape from anywhere. I am convinced Covid 19 was a biogical weapon deliberately unleashed by the CCP. They couldn’t have done better with a nuclear weapon.Of course,the virus was bound to kill many of China’s own citizens but when did the CCP ever give a fat rats butt about their own people; about human life in general.Cheaper than nuclear,easier to deliver, less apt to lead to similar retaliation against their own country and of course less detectable than nuclear.

Consider what they would be thinking about the results of this biological weapon; it could tank the economies of the world but in particular the United States economy. Our election was in the same year;what better way to take out Trump and our economy both. Look at the panic,destruction,unrest and deaths caused here. The goal of the CCP is world domination and they certainly didn’t want Trump getting re-elected either.

Regardless of whether the pandemic was accidental or deliberate they definitely LIED about the virus when they were basically forced into admitting there was a virus originating from Wuhan.They had the WHO lie about the virus for them.

Keep in mind that as the virus was just hitting our shores the Democrats were bringing articles of impeachment against Pres Trump. The Russia Hoax had failed; not for lack of trying either. The Russia hoax was one big lie we paid for. U.S. media conspired with the Democrats in the Russia “Collusion” Hoax .The point here is that lying to defeat Trump wasn’t beneath the Democrats. The bigger point is they weren’t afraid to weaponize our intel agencies to defeat him.They spied on an opposing candidate and continued the plot after he beame President. The plan was to keep him out of the Presidency;to take him out as a candidate. The fake impeachment was meant to take him out as a sitting President after their first failed coup attempt.If you can’t see it you’re not looking.The media isn’t looking because they’re involved in the coup. They thought they had it all taken care of in 2016. They wouldn’t make the same mistake in 2020.

Given all they had done in 2016 do you really believe they wouldn’t have a plot for the 2020 election?

Come on man -they spied on American citizens. used a Clinton dossier to make the accusation,leaked classified info to the press,lied to the FISA court,intercepted private phone calls,set up innocent people and with the media pushed the Russia “collusion” hoax for just shy of 4 yr or Pres Trump’s whole first term.A number of these actions weren’t just low,they were felonies. It didn’t stop them.i also know they’re encouraging ppl to move to Georgia[from other states] to vote in the Senate run off then move back out. Again,a FELONY with prison time. It’s not stopping them.

Do you REALLY believe they WOULDN’T rig the election to cheat Trump?Do your eyes work? Engage brain here.

Isn’t it special how the vote count stopped cold SIMULTANEOUSLY in selected Democrat run cities [with a rep for election corruption no less] that were critical to the election? You saw it with your own 2 eyes on Nov 3-4. Never happened before. Nothing to see there,right?