Snakes in the Grass…watch your step. Wear Boots.

We are going to have to remind ourselves that there was a large group of people pushing a Russia Hoax for 3 1/2 yrs. The media,the Democrats,the FBI,CIA,DOJ, State Department, Hillary Clinton,Barrack Obama and his bumbling side kick Joe Biden, Adam Schiff and a number of smaller players;players with just enough authority to not make them too small ie Brennan,Clapper,Strozk,Lisa Page et al were/are in on the coup. Anotherwords,smaller than the big fish like Obama,Biden and the agencies they weaponized but critical to the effort to take out Trump.

The media were the co-conspirators. They weren’ t innocent observors.They were active participants. They were part of the coup and still ARE. For this reason they remain very dangerous. They, with the Biden team, are running a psyop designed to get the Trump supporters discouraged and the American ppl complacent. The psyop is meant to get you to believe it’s over and there’s no chance in hell Biden won’t be sworn in as President. WRONG.

You see where the media declared Biden the pres elect. The media is not part of the process. There is nothing in the Constitution about a declaration by the media. It was their first step in getting the public to accept Biden as a legitimately elected President. Before they even made the declaration they gave Biden the air time to make an announcement; right after they “warned” Pres Trump he better not. The Biden announcement was more gaslighting. He didn’t quite say he was the winner. It was more sublime than that;but it was close enough. It forced Trump to come out and make an announcement he had not intended to make until the election was called.

I’d call this announcement step 2 because step 1 was the theft.

We’ll get into that in the near future. For now we’re going to look at the psyop they’re working on,where they are trying to convince the American public Biden is legit.Yes,they are that good at it. I’m sure you’ve noticed the news coverage is all about Biden;the contested election barely gets mentioned except when they think they can report a failure.Twitter calls a tweet about election fraud disputed. Disputed by whom? Twitter? (don’t make me laugh)

i know we’ve all noticed the stupid Office of the Pres Elect sign Biden takes with him wherever he appears. We know the ‘office’ is non existent. It’s part of the psyop to get people to accept him as legit. They know it’s non existent too but notice that they’re not taking it down. Biden can do whatever he likes with the boot licking media because we only have to know one thing:

Pres Trump is NOT going to concede. TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

You know darned well Trump won. There’s no way on earth Biden even came close. You know darned well the election didn’t pass the smell test.

Everything about it stinks to high heaven. Biden,Obama,Clinton,the media and all their cohorts pushed the Russia Hoax as if it was the gospel truth and then had the audacity to attempt an impeachment over an innocent phone call.

They spied on the Trump campaign,lied to the FISA court,got Hillary off off the hook for actions we’d go to prison for and leaked classified information to the press .You think they wouldn’t and couldn’t possibly pull off election fraud?

It’s not over folks. Hang in! The advice Leah gave in her tweet is the best thing anyone could have said all day. Please,turn off the media,including social media, if it doesn’t comport what you know in your gut has to be true. A psyop will only work if you LET it. They’re pros at it. They know exactly how it works. All you have to do is remember they’re snakes in the grass capable of little lies and big ones. There’s good ppl out there who will tell you what is really going on. Mark Levin,Dan Bongino and the President himself will give you the information you need . The media is only a filter with their own agenda. If you don’t see and hear the President say it,don’t buy it. if the information fits the agenda of the left then you know it’s a psyop. It can be subtle as hell too.Levin and Bongino are straight with their audience,have credible sources and are trustworthy. They’re sharp. Above all,they’re worthy of our trust.If you’re not sure what to believe i’d check in with them. The psyop uses information overload to their advantage.It’s good to have people like Levin and Bongino who can sort it all out and distill it. There’s other good people out there too. You can pick out your own go to’s. Just be cautious. Sometimes the ppl we least expect, turn out to be snakes themselves. It’s even possible they’ve been [innocently] psyoped like anyone. They get a bad source,they get bad info.You be the judge. I know i can count on Bongino and Levin.

President Trump knows EXACTLY what is going on.He’s not going to show all his cards but you can be sure of this -he won’t concede.Not in a million years. I wouldn’t believe anyone that suggests otherwise.

Finally,remember the old adage in warfare. Divide and Conquer. The Dems have always done 1 thing well,stuck together. We have to stick together. Remember who the enemies are and what they’re up to. They’d love nothing more than to get us to squabble with each other and they can do it. i’ve seen that movie before. I’m sure you have to. Don’t give up on Trump,k?

As much as you know about what’s going on with this fraud he knows 3x more. He is the President and has access to all the same info the other side has;maybe more. Ask yourself this question: you know Trump,right? He knows he won the election fair and square. He knows they cheated.Would he just throw in the towel? Not a chance.