Sorry Joe,Nancy,Chuck & Adam

Joe Biden,Nancy Pelosi,Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff.

It was just about 4 yrs ago when “nearly 70 House Democrats — 67, at last count — who have declared that they will not attend the inauguration on Capitol Hill this week. The number rose sharply after Trump tweeted Saturday that Lewis (D) is “all talk, talk, talk” and should “finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities.”

You think that was the end of it? Hell no.Little did we know what the previous administration was working on while Trump was still campaigning. They had already started the fake Russia Hoax before his hand came close to touching the Bible and taking the oath of office.Unimaginable as it was the FBI and DOJ were working with then President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her actual crimes and to nail Donald Trump with a totally fabricated one.It’s not hard to do when the media is working for you.

They sent our their militant arm Antifa and BLM to intimidate and attack the Trump supporters.

Remember Maxine Waters and her call for unity?

Note the remarkable outreach for unity as liberal groups approached Senator Rand Paul and his wife after Trump’s RNC speech. The group,not satisfied with reaching out only to the the Kentucky Senator, met up with other Republican’s leaving the event.

You’ll excuse us since you gave the man we elected President absolute hell for his whole first term-from the moment he won the nomination as the Repubican candidate-and physically as well as verbally assaulted,attacked and painted us(his supporters) as Nazi’s and/or Russian agents if we’re not real interested in your sudden conversion to unity.Our response is not just a big N-O,it’s a big HELL NO!

By the way,there is no such office of President elect. Someone should tell Joe to snap out of the delusion. It just doesn’t exist. The media ‘projecting’ Joe as President elect isn’t anymore than just that,a projection.Translation;the media is trying to gaslight the public with their opinion or put another way THEIR wishful thinking. The media can gaslight the public all they like even though a real journalist would never do such thing ,the REALITY is the election is being contested. It’s not over until per Constition-not the media- the electoral votes are certified. That’s how it actually works. IF Joe wins he is not President until he is sworn in on Jan 20th; Donald J. Trump remains President till then and if he is certified he continues in office for his 2nd term.It could happen. Chances are he won in a landslide and the cheat was set up months ago.

It’s not over yet. Pres Trump has the LEGAL Constitutional right to contest the election. The media acts as if he is doing something illegal. He can take all the time the Constitution affords him. You have to love Hillary Clinton’s admonishment to not concede under any circumstances.