“Where Law Ends,There Tyranny Begins” #StoptheSteal

Let’s begin the week by boycotting ALL main stream media & that includes but not limited to FOX News,CNN,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,NBC. The only way we are ever going to get power back to the people is to destroy the corrupt media. It’s not news anymore. It’s propaganda. They’re gaslighting the public. The media is owned by people who,unlike us,have money to push their own agenda.

Betrayed by Fox News

When Newt Gingrich can’t talk about George Soros and Judge Jeanine Pirro can’t talk about the election fraud all bets are off. It’s over. We’re not Antifa,BLM or other anarchists so we don’t destroy the media with violence. We do it by tanking their ratings and hitting them where it hurts. They keep Tucker Carlson,Sean Hannity and others on to keep their ratings afloat but at this point we can’t even let them save Fox.They will have to decide for themselves if they want to stay on board the sinking ship.

The MAGAmillion March was fantastic. It’s speaking out like that in large numbers that has the most impact.

When the powers that be learn you still support your President and you know they’re trying to steal the election it’s a win for you and a loss for them. We have to keep letting them know . We know where the Democrats stand but don’t take for granted because they have an R in front of their name they’re on our side.There are Republicans who like the power,the parties and the prestige of the SWAMP as much as the Dems. IF they think the power is leaning to the other side they will lean that way too.You can tell who they are by who gets weak in the knees. They worry more about what the media will say about them,than what you think of them.Put them on notice.

Contact the people who are on our side as well as the people you’re watching stab the President in the back. We should be burning down their phone lines. Keep the rallies going state by state and locally.Post the events on social media.Early this week i’ll get some information together and post a blog entry on who and how to contact by phone.

The Big Question is;are you sure the election is being stolen? As sure as i’m sitting here they’re trying. It’s very simple. Did they weaponize the intel agencies against Trump? YES. FACT. Did they let Hillary Clinton and other criminals off the hook? YES. FACT. Did they perpetrate the Russian Hoax and was the media a co-conspirator in this act of, if not treason,sedition for 3 yr? YES. FACT. Did they lie to the American people the whole time? YES. FACT.

Did the media retract the lie? NO. FACT. Is the media covering up for the corrupt? YES. FACT.

Have the guilty been indicted yet? NOPE.FACT. Will they ever be? NOPE,probably not. FACT.

Is Joe Biden a criminal with REAL ties to China? YES. FACT. Did he enable his son Hunter to support his cocaine,porn and sexual perversions with money from China,Ukraine and possibly others so he could get a cut? YES.FACT.

Was Joe Biden involved in the conspiracy to take down Pres Trump and General Flynn? YES. FACT.

So let me ask you this; given as corrupt as all these people are including Joe Biden with all the powers behind him, you don’t think for a minute they wouldn’t try to steal the election by whatever means necessary? If you think not you’re dreaming. Of course they are. It’s right in front of our eyes and they want you to believe them; they even tried to gaslight the public with the office of President Elect sign for Joe. They must think we’re stupid.So yes,this election was a fraud.TRUMP WON.Hold the line. You know darned well he won.There is no reason to give up.They’re hoping you will. They will try to wear you down and make you think you’re losing until you are ready to throw in the towel. DON’T. Go after them. There are plenty on our side who will give you info on who to contact,what to do and how to stop the fraud.

They’re lawless. Expect they have sunk this low. They were lawless from the time the Clinton’s got away with their criminal activity. They were lawless from the time Barack Obama and Joe Biden sold us out to Russia with uranium 1, Iran with Billions and China through Joe. They were lawless from the time Obama and Biden started planning the coup.They were lawless from the time they started attacking the police and enabling ANTIFA and BLM.

Their stealing an election is nothing.Child’s play to them.

‘Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it. Where law ends,there tyranny begins.” William Pitt,PM of England,1770

Remember that.