Developing: Milwaukee Elections Chief Lost Elections Flash Drive in Morning Hours of November 4th When Democrats Miraculously Found 120,000 Votes for Joe Biden – Nwo Report

On the morning of November 4th President Trump delivered an election speech to the nation.President Trump was VERY positive with the election results has he set new records in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.In Wisconsin President Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes.President Trump warned Americans to watch out for suspicious late night ballot drops.Then this happened…After telling the world that they were stopping counting overnight, the Democrats suddenly dropped over 300,000 ballots in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Source: Developing: Milwaukee Elections Chief Lost Elections Flash Drive in Morning Hours of November 4th When Democrats Miraculously Found 120,000 Votes for Joe Biden – Nwo Report

There’s No Way On Earth @JoeBiden Won the Election

You know as well as I do the night of Nov 3rd we were watching the re-election of Donald Trump. It was down to the wire with just a handful of states outstanding. I intend to analyze why Pres Trump won this election and he should not concede under these cirumstances . Note i said under these circumstaces;unlike Hillary Clinton who advised Joe Biden not to concede under ANY circumstances. Make sure you mention that to any liberal who is pushing for Trump to concede.

Before we begin with this analysis there is one anomoly some analysts have been pointing out re the Trump/ Biden numbers that i question. The analsysts find it hard to believe that people would vote strictly Biden for the office of President and NOT vote down ballot;meaning for other Democrats running for offices such as the Senate and House. i say 1 of 2 things are probably true so it may not be anamoly at all. There could have been a large number of Democrats who were just not informed about the other races . We’ve all met liberals who don’t have a clue about what’s going on.Those are the people who might go in and vote only for Joe Biden without voting for the other candidates unaware of how important they would be. These people were only interested in getting Trump out of the White House. It’s possible. However,it’s also possible to make it easier/quicker to cheat by marking only one candidate at the top of the ticket. One of these explanations has to true.

If you tell me Republicans voted down ballot for the Republican candidates and Biden for President i’m telling you that’s a fraudulent vote. It didn’t happen. Maybe in very rare instances but it’d very rare to negligible.Trump had overwhelming support from Republicans all along.

There are plenty of other reasons i’m convinced Trump won and should not concede unless proven otherwise. i don’t attribute it to wishful thinking either. i’ve never been into conspiracy theories or magical thinking. It has to be concrete based on facts or at least circumstantial evidence that is fairly overwhelming. i’m not one to ‘trust in the plan’ unless i know there is one and while i respect people’s right to belong to the group called Q i have never had any desire to get involved with it;for a host of good reasons. Feel free though;it’s not up to me to tell you what to do.i never cared for the birther story either,but if people bought into i was not about to argue with them.

Let’s begin here with a Dan Bongino broadcast on Sept 3 regardlng the left’s plan for election day chaos.if you’re a liberal don’t go crazy because it’s Dan Bongino :& discount it;the left made it known themselves what they had intended to do.

One of the main reasons i am convinced Trump won is the media role of gas ligthing.They’ve been doing it right along beginning with the worst example of gaslighting i have ever seen;the Russia Hoax in which they actually played a role. They could rightfully be called co-conspirators.

The media put out supression polls in 2016. Trump won anyway.

We know now Obama/Biden were concoting the Russian Hoax and were spying and leaking on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

We know Biden himself suggested a way to get General Flynn.The intel community was weaponized. The FBI lied to the FISA court.Obama,Biden,Hillary,Brennan,Clapper,Comey are all implicated at the top of the food chain,then we have some smaller fish like McCabe,Strozk and Page. It’s called sedition,possibly treason. The media played an active part in the hoax.i don’t have to prove it. Everyone knows the Russia Hoax dominated the media for over 3 yrs. (or nearly all of Pres Trump’s first term).

Now you tell me a party willing to go that far to destroy a presidency wouldn’t commit large scale fraud in the 2020 election to stop Trump. i don’t even have to mention the fake impeachment with that scheme. They cheated Bernie and rigged their own primary for Hillary.You can surmise large scale fraud is possible based on their past corrupt behavior.

You tell me the media wouldn’t gaslight the public about a Biden win? We know they helped his campaign. They had to. Biden never actually campaigned and was never questioned by the press on anything. The man was barely cognizant when he made an appearance. The media had to carry water for him.Trump on the other hand was campaigning on a major scale visiting swing states several times,holding pressers on a regular basis(always did). The crowds were massive suggesting there was truth to the assertion he had more support in 2020 than he did in 2016.

i do know there were ‘journalists’ criticizing these events as super spreaders noting Trump’s lack of concern for the people who attended. i believe the people who attended had a problem with the hypocrisy of the left who didn’t see riots as super spreaders.

I suppose you could argue the prudence of large social gatherings like the rallies but the point i’m making here is the enthusiasm gap of their [Biden]supporters and the obvious support for the President. I’m not sure why that wouldn’t translate into votes on Nov 3rd.

One thing that was expected on election day 2020 is that the Republican vote was more apt to be in person at the polls.while the Democrats were expected to do the lions share of their voting by mail in ballot.

This could explain the huge lead by Trump in the early tabulations since mail in voting is figured in later.

The other issue was the polls prior to the election showing Biden with huge leads over Trump. One of 2 things had to be true; either Biden really had the huge leads (at least close)or the media was putting out supression polls.

It’s hard to say because the Republcans did very well in the House and Senate races. There was no blue wave and Trump was right in calling the red wave. That begs the question then;why didn’t that extend to the President himself. It makes no sense to have a red wave down ballot and the same people would vote Biden at the top?

I do know the President had a lot more to overcome; negative press on a daily basis was the equivalent of a campaign ad for Biden. The positive press for Biden-contrived as it was-had to have helped Biden some. It was a good thing he had the media to cover for him especially with some of the scandals that could have erupted. The media provided cover.The media was not allowed to even mention the Hunter Laptop. BTW,the media isn’t allowed to mention George Soros,the Schiff whistleblower’s name(though we all know what it is)or the 2020 election fraud.

Trump’s second debate wasn’t the best. i heard that Chris Christie was his coach. If true that explains everything. The final debate for Trump was a knock out though.Nobody could argue that Trump didn’t win. Even the media was forced into acknowledging Trump dominated the 2nd debate. Pence made the case for a Trump-Pence 2nd term in his debate with VP candidate Harris.Those 2 great debates probably helped Trump a lot in the final weeks .The voters were given a clear choice. Socialism or Liberty. Doom and gloom-a Dark Winter as Joe put it-or the great American comeback Trump believed in.

Sometimes we suffer through self fullfilling prophecy.

Elections come down to 1 factor;how they affect each of us. You would think we could look at the big picure ,that is how they affect all of us.

That said,a whopping 52-56% of the American people believe they are better off than we were 4 yrs ago or during the previous administration.

The economy was picking up steam after the covid downturn.

We had incredibly good economic numbers and full employment-rare-prior to being hit by the pandemic. It was a good thing President Trump layed the foundation of a strong economy in the first 3 yrs of his administration or the Covid pandemic could have devastated us totally.

Trump did a fantastic job of handling the virus but there was a constant drumr beat by the media how he was a failure.

One thing the media has perfected is their ability to gaslight the public. They have no journalistic skills. You would have to determine how effective they were but i tend to think they don’t have the sway they used to have, except for the left. i’m not even sure the left believes their coverage anymore. They wanted Trump out from day 1 anyway.

It would be helpful to have a poll-an honest one-gauging the effect of the negative coverage of Trump vs the positive coverage of Biden. The question is how much the public was swayed by the media.

They’re gaslighting again; trying to persuade the public that Trump should concede the election. No,Trump should not.

He has every right to contest the election. The media projected Biden as the winner. Projected by the media is not part of the process. Trump is following the process as spelled out in the Constitution .Biden invented an office that doesn’t exist. The left threatened riots if Trump won. if he does win they WILL riot. I made up my mind a long time ago that i would not be intimidated by the mob. i’m hoping that’s where the majority of the American people are . We should let this process play out ignoring the pressure to concede.

i don’t believe the night the vote shut down SIMULTANEOUSLY across the remaining states,mostly swing states,when Trump was winning [handily] was a coincidence despite the fact mail in ballots would come in later. It had to be odd that the Biden wins were called early on and the Trump wins stalled. It had to be odd it happened simultaneously across states. It had to be odd there was a red wave down ballot without the vote for the President; i could see the Democrats voting for one office only but the Republicans voting red down ballot then Biden for President makes absolutely no sense.

It’s unfortunate the Democrats don’t remember the calls for a recount in Florida when it was Bush vs Gore. They got it. The election went all the way to the Supreme Court and took 37 days. Trump is contesting several states and its only been 11 days. The media is going to put a ton of pressure on the public(especially his supporters),the President himself and members of Congress[including Republicans],to get Trump to concede now. i say,as difficult as it may seem to be,hold the line. Remember they threatened to riot if Trump won.The argument that a concession is for the good of the country and the integrity of our elections is a lame argument given their response. There’s no shame at all in contesting the election. If you get tempted to throw in the towel remember their reaction to his win in 2016 and what THEY DID during his whole paint the win as illegitimate. Don’t let them forget either!

As far as i’m concerned they can pound sand. A lot of questions remain to be answered. It could turn out to be the biggest election fraud ever shoved on the American people. Let’s wait and see.Let’s make sure the questions are answered.

“If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to broken, And stoop and build ’em up with wornout tools;”