Georgia Hand Recount Lacks Protocols Needed To Be Trustworthy – Patriot Project

November 13, 2020

Rep. Doug Collins, head of President Donald Trump’s Georgia recount team and Georgia GOP Chairman David Shafer identified several issues with the hand recount directive issued in the Peach State that they said must be remedied to make the results trustworthy.In a Thursday letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the two men commended him for undertaking the hand recount to ensure the accuracy of the presidential election results, but laid out reasons why the guidance he has issued is working cross purposes.“You stated yesterday that the process would be ‘an audit, a recount and a recanvass all at once’ and would help ‘build public confidence,’” the two men wrote.“However, the training and directives issued today do not comport with your stated goals yesterday and do not satisfy our concerns that gave rise to our request for a hand count in the first place,” Collins and Shafer continued.“Absent immediate revisions, the people of Georgia cannot have confidence that the hand count and audit were meaningful or delivered on the promised objectives.”

Source: Georgia Hand Recount Lacks Protocols Needed To Be Trustworthy – Patriot Project