Trump accuses Democrats of cheating? What goes around comes around.

President Trump has accused Joe Biden and Democrats of cheating to win the presidency. No doubt some are frustrated, even in victory. But why should they be surprised when Trump says the other side cheated? After all, they said the same thing four years ago after the 2016 election.And they didn’t do it for just a week or two. Democrats pressed the cheating accusation to extraordinary lengths, month after month and year after year, inflicting as much damage on Trump’s presidency as they possibly could. Today, after the 2020 vote, Trump’s accusations won’t have the same effect — they will be dismissed and then ignored by much of the media, as opposed to 2016-2019, when comparably groundless anti-Trump allegations were given daily headlines. But the fact is, in the Trump era, some Democrats made a false accusation of cheating part of their political strategy. They are in a poor position to complain about it now.The accusation was, of course, that Trump won in 2016 by conspiring with Russia to influence the election. Some Democrats, like Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, began suggesting Trump was conspiring with Russia in the summer, when the campaign was reaching full speed. Then the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid a former British spy to compile a dossier of false allegations claiming Trump-Russia collusion. “Collusion,” in the context of the 2016 election, was a synonym for “cheating.”Then it was off to the races.

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