Dear America. Republican,Democrat,Independent

First,i want to address the Trump supporters-of which i count myself and my husband.It’s obvious the media does not report news so the majority of Americans are only getting a negative view of our current President. If you know about the resistance [and being a Trump supporter you do] then you also know that the media is part of that movement. They’re not journalists. They’re activists. We suffered through the Russian Hoax from day 1 of the Trump administration. Now the Biden scandal has broken through social media and you’re not hearing a peep from the cable news networks. They made every effort to make a big deal of the Russian hoax while making the same effort to cover up for the Biden’s (and doing a good job of it). I can’t imagine a Biden supporting Democrat not being aware of any of this. They have to know something about their own candidate.

You would think they could admit they have no idea where Biden really stands on the issues. For the longest time he blatantly opposed fracking and fossil fuels. He ends up in Pa. and supports it. So does he support it or not? Or is it a case of telling Pennsylvanians he supports their industries when in reality he is supporting the Green New Deal? Who would support a candidate like that? You see fossil fuels is not only an important issue for Pennsylvanians where it affects their jobs it’s an important issue nationwide.We do have to pay for our gas.Does anyone recall what it used to be at the pump or what it cost us to heat our homes in the winter?

Who does Biden answer to? He’s a weak candidate and a captive of the radicals. They control the Democrat party. This should give voters a good idea of what Biden is going to do in spite of his lies.

I can’t imagine the Biden supporters approving of the violence in the streets of our cities. Does the Biden/Harris ticket support it?

A question that’s easily answered

Brietbart reports:

“Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate, promoted a bail fund that helped free five convicted domestic abusers and one accused domestic abuser from jail, a report details.

In June, as left-wing riots ravaged the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, over the death of George Floyd, Harris promoted a fund to bail out rioters called the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

“If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” Harris posted to her supporters with a link to donate.

Court records obtained by the Daily Caller now reveal that the Minnesota Freedom Fund helped spring from jail six convicted and accused domestic abusers — including two men who allegedly strangled women.

The six men freed by the Harris-promoted bail fund include:

Donavan Dexter Boone, 31, was arrested May 2 after he allegedly broke into his son’s mother’s apartment and proceeded to strangle her in front of her minor children, according to a statement of probable cause.

  • 28-year-old Davlin Devonte Gates, accused of strangling a woman
  • 31-year-old Donavan Dexter Boone, accused of strangling a woman in front of her minor children
  • 29-year-old Matthew Owens Earl Thompson, accused of breaking into a woman’s home
  • 53-year-old Tyrone Thomas Shields, accused of punching his wife in the head and threatening to “keep beating”
  • 29-year-old Reece Omaur Bonneville, accused of assaulting his partner
  • 40-year-old Marcus Marshun Butler, accused of assaulting his girlfriend

This month, Breitbart News reported that the same bail fund promoted by Harris helped set free a man accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl, a man accused of assaulting a 71-year-old woman, and a man accused of stomping on and robbing a victim the same day Floyd died.”

While Pres Trump condemned white supremacists, the KKK & other violent groups over and over it was never reported. The Biden campaign was never questioned by journalists about their support for the mobs that were rioting,looting,vandalizing and attacking innocent bystanders. They were given a green light. Not one Democrat in Congress said a word. Jerry Nadler went so far as to refer to Antifa as a myth.

Here is the part of the comment by Pres Trump regarding the Charlottesville incident Joe Biden himself omitted DELIBERATELY:

And you had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

Yet, at every debate or town hall Trump was questioned again about his good people on both sides comment when he was clearly referring to the legitimate protestors and NOT the violent racist mobs.Either these so called journalists are that stupid or they know and are trying to perpetuate the lie.

The objective is to paint the President as a racist.

i didn’t know that was the role of a journalist but when you’re campaigning for the Democrat party journalism be damned. Your job is to get your candidate elected.

The Trump supporters may as well resign themselves to the fact their candidate is not going to get a fair shake from the media. There is no real journalism in the major news outlets whether that’s cable news or print. We have to overcome this obstacle. Why the rank and file Democrats tolerate it is beyond me. Worse is the blatant censorship. You would think the rank and file would see the danger to our country. Propaganda and censorship is as much a danger to them as to us.

For the Republicans who are uncomfortable with the Presidents tweets give some thought to the first amendment before you say you wish he would stop.

This is where we are at 9 days out to the most important election of our lifetime. We’ve said that before haven’t we? It’s the most important for one reason alone; it is going to determine whether we exist as a Republic in the future. Put another way it is going to determine whether we will remain the country we were intended to be from our foundation or a socialist,that is marxist,country. One election or another has profoundly affected our country and for that reason was the most important at the time. The election we face now is the most important for all time because it will so profoundly affect the country that we will either become Venezuela or remain the United States of America.

Anyone been shocked by the number of people who actually support socialism? We Trump supporters must win.

Have these socialists had a good look at Venezuela? They voted for it too.

It could happen here. I honestly beleive the people who support socialism for our country have the mistaken notion that it will be different here. They think we will get it right and it won’t turn out like it did for Venezuela. The problem with socialism(marxism)is that it’s a system doomed to failure no matter where it is tried. The people of Venezuela wish now they hadn’t fallen for it like these people in the United States are getting ready to do.

Did anyone take notice how the Democrats want to defund the police yet are prepared to take away our firearms at the same time? You know where that leaves us? Defenseless. You know what marxism does first when it takes over a country-the very thing our Constitution protects us from.

It disarms the citizens because they know very well an armed militia of citizens threatens their power.

It is the very reason this was written into our Constitution known as the 2nd amendment:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

So what are the citizens of Venezuela doing now? Mind you,Venezuela was a rich country benefitting from a productive oil industry.

i could post thousands of simliar pictures- people eating garbage,scavenging for food every single day.

Here’s a headline you would not want to read about our country,15 Percent of Venezuelans Eat Trash to Survive

Full article here:

AOC-representative of the Democrat party today- is young,naive and frankly not too bright but she is convinced socialism is the door to our utopian future where the state will do a great job of solving every ill,managing our lives better for us than we do for ourselves.

Now it’s time to address the Democrats who haven’t voted yet.

There are Democrats who will go to the polls and vote for anyone as long as there’s a D by their name. There are Republicans who do the same thing of course. I’m not going to address those Democrats. I have always thought that wasn’t a good way to vote [regardless of party] but i will say at least those ppl do vote,to their credit.This time though i am begging the Republicans to vote a straight Republican ticket. There’s too much at stake.We have to give our President a majority. Any other election i wouldn’t have said this at all.

You can say no,no,no AOC is not representative of the Democrat party.

Ok,i’m willing to give you that. Let’s start from there.

A little background before we go on.

My parents were lifelong Democrats and i voted Democrat for years. Yes,I was an 18 yr old liberal JFK/ Robert Kennedy Democrat. My folks were fairly active in the party. ‘Nuff said.

Some of you share AOC’s vision of America. You’re of the mind that the socialism of Venezuela is not going to be the socialism of the United States.

The people of Venezuela were convinced of the same ,that is, their socialism would not have the same end result as the other socialist countries. Maybe they didn’t think it was socialism they were voting for; you don’t have to give it a name. All you have to do is promise pie in the sky and make it sound convincing.

You could be that group of Democrats and AOC is the one speaking truth to power for you.

The group of Democrats that overlap are the orange man bad,he’s a fascist,racist dictator bringing doom upon our country. You may not be that extreme and just believe that orange man is bad for the country. He’s not empathetic to the folks like lunch bucket Joe. I personally don’t care if you’re lunch bucket anyone as long as you do a good job for the country.

The truth about Mr Lunch Bucket is that he sold out our country. He sold it out mainly but not limited to China. He signed onto NAFTA, the Iranian Nuclear Deal,he would have signed onto the Paris Climate Accord and TPP had Hillary won.

He will definitely implement the Green New Deal,ban fracking, “transition out” fossil fuels and renew the Iran Nuclear Deal as well as TPP and the Paris Climate Acrord. He will raise taxes and could POSSIBLY shut down the economy again. He would even consider MANDATORY face mask rules.

Before the COVID, orange man gave us full employment, signed the USCMA trade deal, refused to sign up for the Paris climate accord and put TPP to rest. He focused on the forgotten men and women of our country. America First was his policy driver.

I remember Hillary saying she was part of the Resistance,Congressional Reps of the Dem party sitting out his inauguration,threatening him with impeachment before he was sworn in and Pelosi doing a first,when she tore up his SOTU address. I didn’t think i’d ever live to see the day.

They really accepted the results of the 2016 election didn’t they?

Hillary even told Biden not to concede the 2020 election under any circumstances,meaning even if Trump won. And they want Trump to commit to accepting the results of the election? Of course he will;nobody has told him not to concede.i haven’t heard him say he wouldn’t concede.i have heard him trigger the media by joking about staying in the White House;since they’re the imbeciles spreading the silly narrative. He could retire comfortably and spend time with his grandkids.Of course he’d leave if he lost. It was the Democrats who did not accept the election results in 2016 and they’ve certainly made it clear they may not accept the results this time. (Sorry,but there may not be a choice).

Are you the Democrats who support the rioting and threats of violence if Trump wins?

Are you the Democrats who say orange man bad no matter how much good he does for the country?

Are you the Democrats who think censorship is ok as long as it’s the other side?
Are you ok with the media propaganda that is openly hostile & negative against orange man all the time? Did you like the question the press gave Biden;what kind of ice cream is that?

Did you notice that when Trump had to close the economy after his economic boom, the media switched to non stop coverage of Covid and blamed Trump? Did it occur to you the reason they’re doing that is to get you off his great economic acheivements? It may even be so you don’t focus on what he acheived during the epidemic.

Do you really think Trump is a fascist when he permits the governors to make their own decisions w/o the heavy hand of the Federal governnment? When it was his campaign and presidency that was the target of spying and interference from our own intelligence agencies?

It’s not authoritarian when you have to send in the National Guard to keep mobs from destroying cities. A President has an obligation to protect the citizens of the country. Violent mobs are a threat to the security of our country.

Do you really think he’s the fascist when it’s Antifa and BLM burning down our cities?

Do you really believe orange man bad when he was falsely accused of Russian collusion for nearly the whole first term? How about the impeachment over a phone call while our country was being hit by the virus?

Are you ok with being lied to like that or excuse it because the target was Trump? Are you ok with the media/Democrats covering up for the Cllinton and Biden scandals?

I would like to think you have more integrity. Give it some thought before you go to the polls. We Trump supporters would crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump. We better be ready to REALLY turn out the vote because these people are never going to accept a legitimate re-election of Pres Trump unless we give them no choice with an unquestionable landlslide. it’s not time to sit back and think we have this in the bag. We don’t.

Ignore the polls and vote.Remember,polls don’t count. Votes do.

Now to address the undecideds. It’s a stark simple choice: Freedom and Jobs or tyranny and government dependence.Our God given rights as written in our Consttution; or giving them up for the state only to find out we can be spied on and set up too without a shred of evidence.

To the Democrats,Independents and Undecideds; let this sink in.If they can cover up for one Biden scandal there’s no reason they wouldn’t cover up for another and get away with it.Once he’s President,that’s it.Could you rely on being told the truth by the media?

To the Trump supporters and Republicans: GET OUT THE VOTE!