Inundated with Joe Biden Ads. It’s All Image Folks.

How many Joe Biden ads have you seen in just the past month;how many per day? They look so nice. He’s in these shots with people that make it appear as if he’s in different locations. Any dialogue? Little to none. It’s all image folks, putting out a narrative that doesn’t exist. Joe the nice guy. Joe the man for seniors. Joe the man who cares about people. Joe the kindest candidate you could ever meet.
Now let’s talk turkey. What has Biden told anyone about policy if he is elected President. Does he answer questions from the press? Nope and he doesn’t have to. They cover for him. He had 47 yrs in the Senate and 2 as VP under Obama. What kind of record does he have to show for it?

If he’s in one state he’s going to ban fracking. If he’s in a state like Pennsylvania he makes light of the accusation and says he is not going to ban fracking.

He did say he was going to raise taxes. Ok,he’s going to raise taxes.

He confirmed that one verbally. It’s in a video;or on the record as they say.

Short of these few policies what has he actually told anyone?
Orange man bad. He would have handled Covid better. What would he have done? Same thing Donald Trump did except for one thing. He wouldn’t think twice about shutting down the economy again. He confirmed that one verbally on camera.

Trump killed all these people according to Biden and his media,the cable news networks. No folks;CHINA killed all these ppl. They unleashed the virus on our country(and the world). The left would rather attack our own President than hold the CCP in China responsible. Let that sink in. Biden claims Trump tanked the economy. Trump did not tank the economy. He shut it down temporarily BECAUSE OF the virus,not because of his policies.

Anyone see Joe’s quid pro quo in the Ukraine? The media would like to convince you that you didn’t see and hear it even though you saw it and heard it both.

Trump was xenophobic and racist for banning travel from China when the virus first hit. They said Trump was over-reacting to the virus. When the seriousness of the virus finally hit home people were starting to hoard and clean the shelves of toilet paper,hand sanitizers and food supplies. Then they said he was trying to play it down. No,he was trying to prevent panic. He had to drive the point home to take the virus seriously but keep the folks from going into a panic and exacerbating problems. Not an easy task.Now the cable news networks and their buddy Biden are trying to spin a narrative that Trump was incompetent and uncaring.

The ads are trying to convince people that Joe WOULD HAVE done better.

Pres Trump already handled the crisis. Joe can’t prove he WOULD HAVE done better.It’s all hindsight. He can only say he’s not orange man and he’d have done things differently; ironically the steps he talks about are the same steps Trump took.Plagarism.

Ask Joe about the Swine Flu,H1N1,and how he handled that one. The media won’t talk about it.

Let’s talk about the Democrat party and what they have in mind if Joe,God forbid,wins the election.

Trump is a fascist dictator,right? Tryannical? In some circles,Hitler.

The poor liberals will barely survive another term. They couldn’t handle his first term.

They were going to leave the country. They’re still here.

They spied on his campaign. They entrapped some of his campaign staffers; some closer to the campaign than others. Didn’t matter.

Look what they DID. First entrapment, then investigations,spying and prison time.

They sent the SWAT team in -with a heads up to CNN -to arrest Roger Stone.

George Papdopolous was grabbed by the FBI at the airport in Dulles, Texas where agents searched his belongings to find the 10k that was supposed to be planted on him so they could nail him to the wall. Fortunately, not doing anything nefarious himself,Papadopolous had the sense to know something wasn’t quite kosher about being given 10k. He left it behind with his lawyer.

General Flynn was set up and coerced into pleading guilty. Manafort was tossed into solitary confinement over a phony black ledger. He’s STILL incarcerated.

Carter Page was an asset for the CIA and had his good reputation destroyed.

A number of Democrats refused to attend the Trump inauguration. Worse,they started crying for impeachment the day he put his hand on his Bible and was sworn in. They were already spying on him and started the investigations early in his term. The narrative was that he colluded with the Russians. We know now it was Obama,Hillary,the CIA,FBI and State Dept under Obama.

When the Mueller report wrapped up and fell tnrough they went for impeachment with secret meetings. After that failed, they tried to get Trump with a charge of a quid pro quo over a phone call he released to the public. There was a transcript.They overlooked the REAL quid pro quo Biden did with the Ukraine for his son,Hunter.

All this and they have decided if Joe is elected they will pack the court,abolish the Electoral College, abolish the filibuster, defund the police and shut down our energy resources. However, if Joe loses they will spin the narrative that Trump is illegitimate and riots are justified. They’ve made it known.

Trump is a tryant,fascist,dictator,Hilter?

Now i want to ask the Biden supporters [including the media] what they think the country will be like under the Democrats if they did all this the last 4 yr during Trump’s term? What do people think the Democrats will do if Biden wins?

The Biden ads are phony. PERIOD. They appeal to a persons feelings and in some instances fear. They all use LIES.It’s not what they say because they don’t say much;it’s what they DON’T say. To this day they are spreading the lie about his comments on Charlottesville so people will be convinced he’s racist. Biden and Wallace brought up the Charlottesville lie at the first Presidential debate.Every question to Trump was an acccusation along the lines of ,why do you hate baby kittens? Every question to Biden was covered by Wallace. Biden had nothing to worry about. Trump did a pretty good job but he made one mistake; when your opponenent is shooting himself in the foot let him.

They’ve already shown us what they’re capable of DOING.Believe what you see when you can find it.For God’s sake vote Trump or we lose the America we love,for good.They are everything they accuse Trump of being.They did everything they accused the President of doing.