Riddle Me This; why don’t we ever trend on twitter? it’s ALWAYS the libs

Every day there’s a liberal tweet in the trend list. It’s usually resign Trump,impeach Trump with an occasional resign Barr,impeach Barr.i do run into a pro Trump tweet from time to time with someone asking that we trend. I always oblige the person but it never happens. So the question has to be,why is that?

Is it twitter censoring anything we might try to trend? Is it that it’s not REALLY trending because there weren’t enough participants? If that’s the case, the follow up question has to be,what is the matter with us? If the libs can always manage a trend [without fail] why can’t we? It would be great to check out twitter one day and actually see a pro Trump tweet in the trend list. I’ve seen it happen at least once. One time? That’s it. This is the best we can do?

The tweets the Trump haters trend are lame; a big yawn.They lack imagination. The tweet rarely changes. They’ve been having this temper tantrum since 2016. Now i know that a trending tweet doesn’t change a thing and i make that point to them but it would still be nice to see us bury these tweets. It’s true too; a hashtag has no bearing on anything but twitter. I don’t care how many times they harrass Pres. Trump to resign it ‘aint’ gonna happen and the impeachment was a dud.

It never occured to them that not everyone is on twitter. While i don’t have stats my guess is that the vast majority of ppl in America don’t use Twitter. Finally, worth pointing out[ IMHO] , is this: Twitter is bascially an echo chamber. On the plus side is that Twitter allows us to support each other. We need that. We can keep the libs tamped down a tad over there too. Were it not for the Trump supporters on Twitter the libs would run wild attacking the President 24/7 without a rebuttal. However, as long as their attacks on Trump trend we don’t have as much of a voice as they do.

So let’s see if we can get some pro Trump hashtags trending when possible. i swear they send out the call on the lib side and everyone on their team comes running.

Heres’s some pointers for newbies on Twitter who signed up just for the purpose of supporing Pres Trump’s relection:

If you want followers put something in your profile that will identify you as a Trump supporter such as a banner,avatar or account name.

Use the hashtags #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020 in your tweets. As soon as i see that in someone’s tweet or see that you’re a bona fide Trump supporter because of your avatar and/or banner i’m defiinitely giving you a follow.

If you’re using the egg for an avatar and have started out with a handful of followers you’re not likely to get a lot of followers. People do not like to follow ppl with an egg. They’re suspicious of your intentions. Do not make getting followers the main goal though. Send out good tweets,RT other people’s tweets,follow other Trump supporters and eventually you will build up your following. Unfortunately if you’re a conservative,Republican or Trump supporter it’s going to take some time.

I also noticed ppl send messages in their tweets people such as Pelosi,Nadler,Schumer and Schiff. People send messages to the President too. If you’re really intent on them getting your tweet you have to do more than write out your message; use their account name ie @SpeakerPelosi

I am not going to tell anyone what NOT to tweet on Twitter. I’ve been sent to the Twitter gulag myself and most of the time it’s not warranted. The twitter gulag is when Twitter suspends your account either permenantly or temporarily. They target Trump supporters. The next time i get into trouble and land in the gulag afraid i’m not going to get out. I’ve decided to sort of *behave myself. People who get easily offended [meaning people who hate Trump] are usually the ones to report you. The funny part is i rarely report anyone;make it a point NOT to. It has to be pretty egrigeous for me to report anyone.If a tweet is especially offensive there is always the block feature.

I use parler as back up but the day twitter shows me the door again will be leaving Twitter for good. Done,finished,cya Jack.

Parler is actual free speech on a decent platform. The owners don’t babysit us.It’s a good place for Trump supporters. Maybe one day our duly elected and beloved President will start using Parler.

For now, can we figure out why we don’t trend and see if there’s anything we can do about it? Maybe we need to make an effort like the libs. Maybe it’s Jack and nothing we do will make a difference.

*read into ‘sort of’ whatever you like.