First Presidential Debate 2020

When Wallace went after Trump with the repeated LIE about Charolettesville i would have made it short n sweet:

Trump should have said;

i condemn racism in ALL its forms but i also believe most people are not racist and are willing to get along with others. Our admin designated the KKK as a terrorist organization and have facilitated outreach to the black community.

Wallace was totally dishonest in repeating the lie. The minute he did that he exposed his own position re Trump. You knew he was there to help Biden as much as possible.

Wallace brought up the fake tax story from the NY Times:

If i were Trump i would have said,again short and sweet:

i paid millions in taxes and you’re talking like the illegally released tax information has credibility. I want everyone to pay lower taxes period & that’s what we’ve done in our admin;cut taxes across the board.
The government wastes enough money.

Biden blaming Trump for the China virus:

Trump came back strong on that one but i would have added,

I did everything i could to save lives but China sent this plauge here. I did all i could to help the American people but i’m not God either. i have no power to stop a deadly virus. We ramped up production of all the medical equipment that was depleted. It saved lives.

Trump was reprimanded by Wallace for his interruptions,which Trump admittedly did. For awhile the 2 candidates were shouting over each other, so this is what i would have said if i were Trump:

I have the right to defend our record. You-meaning Wallace-won’t call him-meaning Biden- out. That leaves one person to do it-me- and i shouldn’t have to.

Wallace’s questions were designed to corner Trump and give Joe leeway.

Some people called the debate a shit show [and that it was] but Wallace was more to blame than Trump and Biden had no clue what he was doing. Were it not for Wallace helping him out Biden probably would have sunk himself.Good rule of thumb: when your opponent is shooting himself/herself in the foot, let him/her.

What was REALLY missing from the debate was the biggest scandal in American history: Obamagate. Wallace wouldn’t touch it.

Later today I’ll grab the actual transcript,take a step back and we’ll go over each of Wallace’s most dishonest questions and comments.

Wasn’t Chris Christie the RINO that recommended swamp creature Christopher Wray to Pres Trump for the FBI? IF i wanted stabbed in the back Christie would be my ‘go to’ person.

Wray is covering up all the corruption that was(and still is)going on at the FBI. He’s destroying the credibility of the good and decent people there.

I knew Wray was a snake the minute he testified before Congress with Rod Rodentstein 🐀. The 2 of them went out of their way to provide cover for the guilty as sin.

Their answer was always;we can’t talk about that.

A sure sign there was something they didn’t want you to know.