Thinking Soberly About 1911 Grips – Gun And Survival

Of all its aspects, the 1911’s grips are perhaps the most overlooked. Certainly, when it comes to upgrading, they fall well behind a solid set of sights or a precision-tooled or forged hammer. And while they might not take priority over these features of the classic handgun, they should make the customization to-do list at some point.That said, the question becomes what exactly are you looking for in 1911 grips? Considering we’re talking firearms here, the answer is It depends. A safe queen shot occasionally and worn to the best BBQs, has much different requirements than a fighting 1911, trained with consistently and always on the hip.Perhaps, a better starting point should be, what exactly do you intend to use your John M. Browning marvel for in the first place? Also, what exactly are you willing to spend to bring it up to snuff?

Importance Of 1911 Grips

Much is made about the trigger, how well the shoe is designed to fit the finger and how accessible it is to the digit. Valid points, but when it comes to shooter-gun interface there is no more major feature than the grip—front strap, mainspring housing and panels. Shooters gain all of their control over the gun from these points, not simply in shot-to-shot proficiency, but also for general manipulation of the pistol.

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