Byron York: Vindman, not whistleblower, driving force behind Trump impeachment | Fox News

Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key impeachment witness against President Trump, was the “original source” of the Trump-Russia collusion push, not the whistleblower, Fox News contributor Byron York said Wednesday.York reveals Vindman, who retired from the Army in July after being fired from the National Security Council in February, was the driving force for Democrats’ impeachment in his new book, “Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment’s Never-Ending War on Trump.”

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York would never report anything unless he was 100% sure it was factually correct.


I remember when Pres Trump first stepped to the podium to talk to the American people about the Coronavirus pandemic after it hit our shores.

You could read between the lines and know that he had tremendous weight on his shoulders. He had 2 jobs to do:

  1. He had to protect the security of the American people meaning he had to get across to them the seriousness of the virus and present the CDC guidelines on how to handle it. He shut down his own booming economy. He put a travel ban on China and later Europe. He brought up the Defense Production Act and used it to get PPE,hand sanitzers,masks, and ventilators,all of which were depleted, up to speed. When the governors,Republican and Democrat,would call on him if they needed anything they got it. He did everything HUMANLY possible to attack the virus.He was attacked for putting the ban in place;called xenophobic and racist.He did it anyway,in spite of all the attacks. He was attacked for making TOO big a deal of the virus. I recall a lot of Democrats claiming he was over reacting.Think about this-he shut down his own booming economy in an election year. I’ll use the expression this one time,let that sink in.He set up the Coronavirus task force and put VP Pence in charge of it. They reported daily to the American people.
  2. He had to keep the American people calm and not send them into a panic while simultaneously convincing them to take it seriously. I wrote a blog entry that day thinking how i would not want to be in his shoes. How do you do this? I had a pretty good idea how dangerous the virus really was but i also had a pretty good idea how deadly itself a panicked American population would be. He managed to get both jobs done.

Consider the consequences if the American people had gone into a panic. Picture it for even a minute.

The American President MUST project calm in a disaster,any disaster, including a pandemic.

Remember the empty store shelves after panic buying? You couldn’t get a roll of toilet paper or a botttle of hand sanitizer to save your soul. Now extend that out to every other item,especially food. Unless everyone had a garden and raised their own livestock this would have been a catastrophe on a scale that isn’t hard to imagine.

When people are in a panic they make poor decisions. Here we were dealing with a virus we knew very little about hence the name Noveau Coronavirus.

We knew basically 3 things with certainty at the start; 1. it was highly contagious. It had quickly turned into a pandemic. 2. the death rate could be extremely high.3. We had no cure,no treatments,no vaccine.

We’ve come a long ways since then and thankfully the President kept us as calm as possible through the worst of it.