Only 1 week left to raise donations to get my husband to Cleveland Clinic for critical open heart surgery

i haven’t raised one cent. To add insult to injury rec’d this message from Amazon today. I’ve been advertising conservative books as an Amazon affiliate. It’s not going well either.

We are reaching out to you because you have not reached the required Qualifying Purchases for your account. As a reminder, Associate accounts that have not referred three Qualifying Purchases to within 180 days of sign-up will be closed. At this time, you have 90 days left to drive purchases to avoid the closure of your account.

I was hoping the book sales would make up for the 2 yrs i’ve paid for a pro account here. Now that’s not going well and i have to assume i will be dropped from the program.Of course I will continue to promote conservative books anyway.

Meantime my bigger concern is getting out to Cleveland so my husband can have his damaged mitral valve replaced. He has no choice but to have it done.
I have tweeted the background and donate button several times. Time is short and getting shorter. I was hoping the stimulus checks would have been approved. Boy would that have helped and i wouldn’t be begging here. You know how that went.
Please consider even a small donation. At this point anything will help!