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How NYC used, then tore up broken windows policing: Goodwin

NYC under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, seen here in 1993, the year he was elected, and his police commissioners, starting with Bill Bratton, put broken windows policing into practice.

In the event the goon squad trashing New York and other cities puts me under a hot light and demands I say nice things about their “movement,” I’m ready. I will thank them for proving the righteousness of the “broken windows” theory of policing.

That wasn’t the aim, of course, but the mayhem unleashed by the marauders and quisling politicians ends the argument about whether James Q. Wilson and George Kelling got it right. The national disaster unfolding before our eyes validates their conclusions about human nature and common sense.



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Update on Cleveland Clinic Donations(to pay pal) 8.17.2020 & 2 weeks left

The donate post has rec’d 3 likes. I checked my account to see how well the donations were going;getting a little nervous. There’s only 2 weeks to go and we have to leave for Cleveland.

The testing and consultation is scheduled for Sept 1st,the Surgery for the 2nd. To date we have receieved donations totalling 0.00. Unfortunately that’s 0 zero $. NOTHING.
Back when my husband first became ill we had to let his health aide go;he was hospitalized. He had given her the job here.

She was with us for 4 yrs. She was fortunate in that she bought a new car she would never have bought had husband not hired her.i felt bad for her when i recommend he hire her. She had just lost her husband and needed the job.

Next she was evicted from her apartment in her 4th year of working here.We couldn’t understand it.

She made good wages. He paid her the highest rate he was permitted to give her. So while he was in hospital i did a search for her and found her a decent place.

She wanted it badly but didn’t have enough for the first months rent and security deposit both. She had just short of a week to come up with it.
Our bank was having a special on loans. They only do this once a year.

Normally we cannot get a loan. The special 500.00 is an exception.They basically turn down no one as long as they’re a CU member.No credit check/nothing. If i had known husband would have to go to Cleveland i know where that 500.00 loan would have gone.

I agreed to get the loan for her as long as she was willing to pay me the amount that would be taken out of my account each month. [Just shy of 90.00 per month]. She agreed. i took the loan and handed her the 500.00.

Haven’t seen a dime of it.Guess what-you know. i probably don’t have to tell you. Never will see a dime of it.
If i had known we’d need $500 for Cleveland would never have done it but i was sure husband would be coming home soon and it’d be over with.

Fortunately he survived(no less than a miracle) and thank God for that but we also found out he needed open heart surgery and his mitral valve needed completely replaced.

We made 1 trip out for a days worth of testing back then and it cost us around 500.00. We had to take it out of our rent& our lanlord darned near evicted us until we made payment arrangements with him.

We can’t take it out of our rent again. We wouldn’t be able to pay it back like we did last time.

Now we do have SOME set aside.Just not enough. We have to stay in a hotel out there and trust me NONE are cheap. This is not counting what else we may need for our 4-5 day stay.

I wouldn’t feel as low as i do were it not for the fact when someone came to us for help,we did it and shot ourselves in the foot.

Meantime i came up with this brainstorm:
I had 10k Twitter followers.I would tweet out a request with our story. If most of those 10k followers donated JUST 1.00 each we’d have enough and some to spare.

Support Her. No Doubt In My Mind About This Candidate. @kimKBaltimore #Baltimore #MD #kimK because you deserve better