@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Mandate Masks In Public

We’re required to wear a mask when we go to our local stores,the doctor’s office or the hospital. We’re required to wear a mask when we attend Mass on Sundays. All of these requirements make sense. When you can’t social distance a mask is the next best preventitive. It offers some protection (according to the CDC in fact)and that is better than none. When you don’t have a choice but to be around other people in tight spaces better to wear a mask. We want our local businesses to make a comeback and succeed. It’s the least we can do.

A public MANDATE on the other hand is nonsense. If i’m outside i’m typically with my husband or alone. I’m with my husband when we’re in our home. We don’t wear our masks when we’re with each other inside. The mandate is not going to save a single life because wearing a mask under certain cirumstances may or may not be necessary. Social distancing and santitary practices(washing hands for 20 seconds,sanitizers)works best. Let’s suppose we had a mandate to mask when we’re out ‘in public.’ How do you enforce this? What happens if 1 or 2 people decide not to comply. Fine? Jail? What’s the penalty?When you’re coming up with crazy plans like this one, you owe it to ppl to tell them how it’s going work.

I’m no mask nazi. i’ve always made that clear. On the other hand i have always defended the use of masks in situations that call for it. I am NOT opposed to masks,social distancing or good hygenine. Every single one of us have an obligation to help stop the spread.We are our brother’s keeper but a public mask mandate? It’s totally political and asinine.I argue with people all the time when they declare they will never wear a mask. I also argue with people who don’t use common sense and expect people to wear them when there’s no need to. Let’s stick with the science and TRY to keep the politics out of it.Hard to do in an election year but we can try.